BabyMama Drama: Has Robin Thicke’s Young New Boo Rubbed Paula Patton The Wrong Way Already?

- By Bossip Staff

Robin’s got serious kid issues and they’re not stemming from his biological!

Robin Thicke’s Girlfriend IS Still Making His Ex-Wife Angry

Nope. It’s actually his teenage girlfriend who has been making trouble.

According to National Enquirer reports:

After vowing to end their ongoing war, ROBIN THICKE and PAULA PATTON gushed, “let’s have an amicable divorce” – but it all went to hell again after Robin’s curvy new 19-year-old model galpal, APRIL LOVE GEARY, outrageously posted a provocative “morning after” selfie that insiders ID’d as a shot clicked right in Robin’s BED!

Gasped an inside family source: “Paula ERUPTED! She’d been trying to cooperate, but couldn’t believe Robin would throw his new girl toy right in her face! WTF, right? She raged that Robin was ‘pathetic … a joke’ and told him, ‘GROW UP!’

“But here’s the clincher: Robin then hung up on her!”

SMH. No wonder Paula left, she didn’t have time to raise two kids! Robin’s got his hands full with this one though. You would think an attention slore who posts photos from her celebrity boyfriend’s crib might set off a few red flags but apparently Robin is too deep in that gushy to GAF! Either that or gone off that yayo.


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