Trash Can Kids: Burning Questions From Last Night’s ‘Empire’

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15 Burning Questions From Last Night’s ‘Empire’

Last night was the debut of Empire. We enjoyed the show but we have some questions and concerns. What are your thoughts?


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#FamilyGoals? Or Naw?

How the hell did they get Big Cynthia’s “Nookie Thang” on the show? – Someone deserves a raise.

What is Malik Yoba doing exactly? – He went from Cosby sweaters to getting punked out. What’s up with his character?

Why are people comparing this show to Power? – They have nothing to do with each other at all.

Will the rapping get any better? – Please, because this is the purest of struggle music.

What’s up with the wardrobe? – Everyone was dressed crazy and Gabby with the blonde? What was up with that?

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    That trashcan scene…really? – Seriously. For real, people?

    What Do You Think Of Cookie? – Is she a boss or a simple-minded woman? Do you love her or hate or is it too soon?

    What Is Cuba Gooding Jr. Doing Here? – Oh man…we don’t have any clue what to expect from this guy. What is going on?

    Was That The Worst Shakedown In Human History? – Why would you meet a guy in under a bridge by yourself when you just demanded that he give you $3 Million? How is this at all a good life decision.

    Was that Naomi Campbell? – And did buddy really call her “mommy” while he was about to smash action? More confusion.

    Hot damn. No that wasn’t a question. But still.

    Which One of the brothers is for you, ladies? – Choose amongst yourselves.

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