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A Gallery Of Celebs Who Have Killed People

Being famous might seem like a dream come true, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare when it comes to being responsible for someone’s death. Sadly, many stars and starlets have found themselves in this position over the years. Some have been tragic accidents, others have been outright murder.

Flip the page to see some of the celebs who have taken a life.

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Jayson Williams

The former NBA baller shot a man dead in front of partygoers while he was playing with a shotgun in his home. To make matters worse, he tried to cover it up.

Donte Stallworth

The NFL wide receiver was driving drunk in 2009 and hit a man who had wandered into the street

Robert Blake

In 2002, the actor was accused of conspiring to murder his wife who was killed while sitting in the car after dinner. He was later acquitted of murder, but lost a $30 million civil suit civil suit which found him liable.

Michael Jace

The actor was arrested in 2014 for the murder of his wife in front of his children after an argument over money.

J.R. Smith

The Cleveland Cavs guard was sentenced to 90-days in jail after a reckless driving accident killed his friend.

O.J. Simpson

Yeah, we know he was acquitted, but c’mon…

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Don King

The boisterous boxing promoter has been charged with murder TWICE in his illustrious lifetime. Once where he was acquitted based on self-defense. He was charged with a second killing after stomping a man to death.

Matthew Broderick

“Ferris Bueller” was facing 5 years in prison after killing a mother and daughter in Ireland in a head-on collision. He got off with a lesser charge and a $175 fine.


Master P’s brother was arrested for the murder of a teenager outside a New Orleans nightclub.

Laura Bush

President George W. Bush’s wife smashed her car into a high school classmate’s vehicle and killed him when she was 17-years-old.


The songbird was infamously involved in an L.A. accident that left a woman dead.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Dog didn’t pull the trigger, but he was present when his friend shot a drug dealer dead. In 1970’s Texas that is grounds to be charged. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and paroled out after 18 months.

Phill Lewis

This actor was convicted of manslaughter and driving while intoxicated after he killed a man in a head-on car collision.

Snoop Dogg

The S-N-double O-P was charged with murder of a rival gang member. He claimed the shooting was purely self-defense, the jury agreed.

Phil Spector

The infamous music producer was sentenced to 19 years to life for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.



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