You Big Dummies: Canadian Talk Show Asks If Full Lips Like Kylie Jenner’s Are A ‘New Trend’ & Black Twitter Claps Back

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Are Kylie Jenner’s Full Lips A New Trend???

The internet is currently ablaze with reactions after a Canadian talk show tweeted about Kylie Jenner’s ridiculously full mouth.

Canada’s “The Social” posted the below tweet on social media about Kimmy Cake’s younger sister and her “trendsetting” full lips…

and Twitter went CUH-RAZY over the silly tweet about black women’s features that surely aren’t a new “beauty trend.”

The Social has since double backed on the tweet and is claiming that they were referring to how Kylie “outlines her lips” as a trend.

Yeah ok.

These people can’t be serious….what do YOU think about this show calling Kylie’s lips a “trend”????

See more reactions on the flip.

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