ISIS-Affiliated Group Hacks U.S. Government Agency Twitter & YouTube Channel

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ISIS Hacks Governmental Social Media

A group claiming to be affiliated with ISIS hacked US Central Command’s Twitter account and YouTube channel — posting pro-ISIS messages and what they claimed were classified Government documents. Via Business Insider:

A group describing itself as the “CyberCaliphate” gained control of the official Twitter and YouTube pages of US Central Command (CENTCOM) on Monday and began posting messages supportive of the jihadist group Islamic State (also known as ISIS).

“We can confirm that the CENTCOM Twitter and YouTube accounts were compromised earlier today,” CENTCOM said in a statement after it regained control of the accounts. “We are taking appropriate measures to address the matter. We have no further information to provide at this time.”

The hack occurred at the same time US President Barack Obama was giving a speech on cybersecurity at the offices of the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.

On Twitter, the group posted a message that declared “Pentagon networks hacked”; it indicated it broke into military “networks and personal devices.” In the message, the CyberCaliphate identified itself as being “under the auspices of ISIS.” It included links to what it described as leaked military files. It then began posting screenshots it described as “China scenarios.”

A few hours after their initial comment, CENTCOM released another statement wherein they indicated confidential files were not leaked.

“Our initial assessment is that no classified information was posted. When we have more, we’ll be sure to let folks know,” the statement said.

The New York Times previously noted that “many of the documents posted by the hackers appear to be public records.”

Hmmm. First “The Interview” fiasco, now this…looks like hacking is the new terrorism.

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