When PIGS Cry: Cop Breaks Down Crying After Fatally Shooting Second Unarmed Man In 2 Years & Faces No Charges – “I Thought He Was Pulling A Gun”

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Police Officer Cries In Court After Being Cleared In Killing Of Second Unarmed Man In 2 Years

Residents and communities outside of the local area are rightfully outraged after a Montana police officer is yet again facing no charges for the fatal shooting of an unarmed robbery suspect.

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Billings, Montana police officer Grant Morrison has shot and killed an unarmed civilian for the second time, and he will not face charges in either incident. A jury ruled Wednesday that Morrison was justified in shooting 38-year-old Richard Ramirez after Ramirez allegedly did not comply with his orders. Morrison had pulled over a car unaware that Ramirez, a robbery suspect was in the vehicle. Morrison reports that Ramirez put his hands in the air as requested but then kept dropping his hand to his left waist. Morrison fired at him three times, fatally wounding him in the chest and puncturing his lung.

Recently released dashcam video from the car of another officer on the scene shows Morrison sobbing and giving an emotional explanation of the event. Morrison states, “I thought he was going to pull a gun on me.” Morrison then puts his head in his hands and cries. The other officer on the video tries to reassure Morrison about the fact that he survived and the suspect could have been armed. Ramirez’s mother does not agree with the jury’s decision that the shooting was justified and feels that he should be held responsible for killing her unarmed son.

While Morrison seems genuinely disturbed in the video, the fact that this was not the first time he killed an unarmed, nonviolent civilian indicates that being a police officer may not be the best job for him.

Officers should not be justified in killing unarmed civilians simply because they are afraid. Morrison has now shot two unarmed civilians during traffic stops. How many more unarmed civilians will he be allowed to kill out of fear, without consequence before he is no longer allowed to be a police officer?

Check out the video below of the officer’s reaction after shooting the suspect.

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