Still Talkin’ Isht: Mama Joyce Still Doesn’t Think Todd Is A Good Match For Kandi

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Mama Joyce Speaks On Kandi’s Relationship With Todd Tucker

Here she goes again…

Via RadarOnline:

Todd Tucker’s mother-in-law has been screaming from the mountain top about how disappointed she was with Kandi’s choice in men, and even though they’re tied the knot she is not any happier now.

“I didn’t take from Kandi, I didn’t use her ever,” Mama Joyce told Radar.

“Kandi respects me and Kandi knows I raised her by myself and I sacrificed for her and I never spent her money. I was the one that helped her accumulate what she has.”

“I want my child to be happy and I didn’t want her to be taken advantage of. I wanted Kandi to marry somebody that had as much as she did.”

“I made up my mind that if that’s who she chose then I am happy for her. I am not going to stress about it and I’m just going to accept it.”

Mama Joyce conceded that Kandi’s husband has been working hard lately, telling Radar: “Todd is doing well now. He has a show and I hope they stay together and be happy. I have accepted that they are together and she loves him.”

Noting that she has been called “terrifying” by critics, Mama Joyce defended her harsh words, saying: “I think I am just straight up. People that know me love me to death. But I’m real. I say what other people are thinking because I don’t think there is anything to hide.”

“I guess I don’t care. Who’s gonna check me boo?”

Well after watching the show, we guess we all know who is definitely NOT going to check her — KANDI.

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