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Man Kills Child With Boiling Water

A child killer was sentenced to 30 years after authorities say he beat a 2-year-old unconscious and then poured boiling water on his face to “revive him.”

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Jonathan Alicea will finally go to prison for beating a child unconscious and pouring boiling water on his face.

On Monday, Alicea pleaded guilty for the second time to killing two-year-old Yariel Alexander-Mateo six years ago.

The first guilty plea was on May 3, 2011.

Police thought the case ended that day with a 30-year sentence.

But a month later, Alicea withdrew his plea.

The case remained in court for four more years.

This week, a jury had been picked for Alicea’s trial when he pleaded guilty again. And once again, he received 30 years.

The night before Yariel died on Oct. 12, 2009, the child soiled his diapers when his mother left him and a six-year-old sister in the care of Alicea, her 19-year-old boyfriend.

When the child refused to change his diaper, violence followed.

“This angered Jonathan,” a police officer wrote in an investigative report. “Jonathan told me he walked toward (Yariel) and ‘pushed’ his head with his left hand. This caused him to lose consciousness immediately.”

An autopsy showed the child died from multiple head and brain injuries plus burns covering 35 percent of his body.

Instead of calling 911, Alicea told police he put the boy in an empty dresser drawer and tried doing CPR.

When the boy didn’t move, Alicea told police he “boiled a pot of water and then poured it on (Jariel) stating he believed it would revive him,” according to court records.

As a juvenile, Alicea was arrested twice on sexual-abuse charges at ages 12 and 13, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

After the second arrest for molesting middle-school classmates, he received psychiatric treatment under a state Baker Act evaluation, records show.





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