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It has been confirmed that Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds’ two-week marriage is over. The suspect marriage where Johnny G was his Best Man was doomed to fail.

The suspect couple have been reportedly arguing about sh*t for two weeks.

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  • Jazzy


  • Canus

    Evidently, that big girl finally gave in to his “charms”

    If this is true,


  • SMH


  • SMH


  • DeeDeeBaby


  • Jazzy

    AWWW too bad.

  • Jazzy


  • Southern Belle 225

    I knew this marriage was a sham! It just didn’t seem right. But Oh, well. I bet Johnny G is some excited! He can now move into Eddie’s wing of the house!

  • AND...









  • Butterfly

    I blame Johnny.

  • Shrek


  • Jazzy

    Wow@ that picture..they look like they were holding hands & tried to hurry up & drop them when they saw somebody taking pictures..

  • Butterfly

    Wait, they weren’t even legal yet so Eddie’s good. No attempt for alimony.

  • Butterfly

    *The marriage wasn’t legal yet.

  • justmoi


    Please tell me this is a joke, oops sorry that would be their relationship!

  • lacyd


    Where have I been????

  • VictoriousOne...R.A.D.S.

    So sad…he’s going back to Nicole…

    She is the only one that can deal with Eddie’s crazy. He needs to go find Nicole and get her tall ass back.

  • Sparkle

    She probably caught Johnny in the masterbed room with Eddie…hmmmmmm

  • mikagirl

    how do you date longer than being married?

  • Mo'Ree

    called it…they should have taken bets in vagas for this sham!

  • Ms. 305

    WTF? I knew they were fake. Tracy didnt want to give up alimony from the Face and Eddie didnt want to give up Johnny.

  • Frog-a-licious

    Seriously… did anyone really thing they’d last? But damn I wasn’t expecting 2 weeks. LMAO…. Suspect Wedding yo……..

  • ChineseChickenWingz

    marriage is a set-up

  • BeeBee

    Johnny put his ass down instead of his foot !!!

    And of course ” Eddie Listened ” !


    LMMFAO!!!!!! This whole situation is ridiculous!

  • ***Gorgeous Black Women**

    I read the stuff on E! WTF are you arguing over during your honeymoon? Why have “spirit binding” ceremony if things weren’t going well? Did Johnny get jealous? Was Tracey unaware of the TomKat like contract involved?

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