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Beyonce was spotted with a new wig yesterday at the The Corner Deli in NYC. Camel, Beyonce, and Denzel Washington all met up for lunch.

Are the stans out there feelin’ her wig of the week?

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  • Ttime

    A new wig, but they all look EXACTLY the same!

  • KayKay

    She looks kinda big! I wonder if she really does have a lil camel aboard!!!!

  • Kanyade

    I’m not a stan by any means, but I like the wig. 🙂

  • da darkness

    ay bey bey

  • Harlem Chic

    I say chic is pregnant indeed.

  • Dalia Mason

    That’s OK. Beyonce still looks good.

  • BKChick

    My Pastor of my church who is a spicy creole had the same wig on last Sunday….((((((((YARN))))))))….About time she goes “black”..all that blonde bleaching is what has her hair jacked anyway! It looks alright!

  • Dalia Mason

    Pregnant? I hope not!!!!

    Can you imagine her trying to push a baby with Jay-Z’s lips through that little opening?

    Ooooweeee….the pain!

  • MsButtaflyy

    Indeed she is pregnant

  • cree

    not at all

  • roadie

    I like the “bangs” look. The spread of her nose does look a lil wider than normal so she may indeed be pregnant. Just have to wait and see..

  • Jordan

    That wig is not the business…. This girl really can’t dress herself she needs to holla at Rhianna’s stylist ASAP..


    I agree, B never covers up when leaving the Corner Deli she always carries her coat when walking to the car but here lately she has been wearing loose fitting outfits and covering up.

    When pregnant you are to refrain from using chemicals, at least in the early stages of pregnancy so she looking out for her bun in the oven, so keep wearing the close to my original color wigs for your BABY………..You go LITTLE MAMA..

  • karma

    FAT? More like bundled up real good. Considering she has on a micromini and that 3/4 leather in cold azz NY.. The wig is… I’ll just say different. At least it isn’t that 3 inch blond weave she usually rocks.

    Where’s the pic’s of her Denny and Jiggy having lunch?

  • karma



    @jordan no she should not she should continue to dress according to her liking.

    You may not agree with some of her styles but she sets her own pace and as far as riri goes she needed all the help she can get cause the singing needed all the disguise it could get.

  • Actually

    That look slike La Esquina to me, not Corner Deli (whateve that is).

  • Kimy

    She doesn’t look like she always does, more like Shaniqwa on pay day.

  • Kimy

    ….actually the more I look at her face on that picture she looks like a man.

  • Lady

    Dont get me wrong, I lloovvee me some Beyonce, but she is starting to look a little different lately… Cant quite put my finger on it??

  • Southern Belle 225

    I don’t like the wig too much. It doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t do anything for her either. She does look a little pregnant in the face. i guess we’ll see in the months to come.

  • MJB's #1 Fan

    Is that Denzel Washington in the picture?

  • Lady

    Yep in the far back…

  • AlexDelarge

    I really think Beyonce needs a an affair with Nas or drunk in public, something…she is sooo boring…or she said take a more albums until 2009..come back with fire..because im tired of seeing that chick

  • Lady

    And you dont see JayZ, because hes walking 4feet in front of her…..

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