Jesus Take The Wheel: Foster Mother & Nurse Charged in Death of Infant After Taping Pacifier To Babies Mouth

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Angela Dukes was supposed to be taking care of a infant, but instead taped a pacifier to the baby’s mouth and smothered the poor child:

Authorities said Thursday they may charge a pediatric nurse-turned-foster-mother with child homicide after she confessed to taping a pacifier to an infant’s mouth. Angela Deniece Dukes, 30, also lost her foster care license Thursday after a clean history of caring for three other children before the Feb. 8 death of 9-month-old Curtis Williams, officials with the Department of Social Services said. State Law Enforcement Division director Reggie Lloyd said agents will consult with prosecutors about upgrading the charge to homicide by child abuse. Dukes had been a foster mother for 11 months until the agency revoked her license on the heels of a SLED charge Wednesday of misconduct toward a child.

SLED filed the lesser charge because agents wanted to arrest Dukes as quickly as possible before she went to work Thursday at Palmetto Health Richland, where she works with ailing children, Lloyd said. She was arrested at her home. Dukes has worked in the intermediate care section of the neonatal intensive care unit since August 2006, hospital spokeswoman Judy Smith said. She last worked May 1 and was to return for a shift that began at 11:30 p.m. Thursday, Tammie Epps, another spokeswoman, said. The hospital had received no complaints about Dukes in 2½ years of employment, Smith said. She was suspended without pay as soon as SLED notified the hospital it would file a charge, the spokeswomen said. Dukes confessed Monday to an agent that she had taped the baby’s mouth shut to hold the pacifier in place, Lloyd said. She used medical tape. She also had told investigators she gave Curtis the medication Benadryl for his congestion. Dukes’ job in the intensive care unit entails dealing with babies who have improved enough to transfer from critical care. She worked under the supervision of nursing supervisors and physicians, Smith said.

The hospital is reviewing its neonatal cases as it normally does when it learns of unusual occurrences, she said, adding she does not know how many cases are to be examined or how long the review will take. Palmetto Health policy does not bar any employee from becoming a foster parent, she said. Pediatric nurses are highly skilled and generally work in that field because of their love of children, said Judy Thompson, director of the S.C. Nurses Association. “You are dealing with the most fragile of the fragile,” Thompson said. “This is a very, very needy population.”

What is happening these days? SMH<


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  • Nique

    wow….Some ppl NEED NOT have kids.The sad part is there are thousands of other kids in the system who are dealt a tough hand…

  • john hope franklin

    deaf to her fat ass….asap

  • Proud ArmyWifee


    I feel what you’re saying as well as everyone on here. This type of stuff breaks my heart seriously becuz these children look up to the adults in there life and need help. Like I said I dont put my daughter in daycare anymore ever sense I seen this MAN put his hands on my 2 year old daughter when them bastards didnt know I was looking in the window. Sorry but this is a touchy topic for me when it come to children:(

  • Luv-Lee

    This poor baby has been mistreated his whole life of 9 months!!! Jesus take the wheel!!! 😦

  • Your Fired!

    When are all these evil people going to stop killing our future?!?!?! everyday there is something new about some ignorant jerk killing a baby or kidnapping a child….People need to start picking up the bible and start walking in the light this is absolutely disgusting and she should die the same way she killed that baby! May the lord be with the family. So sad.

  • Liyah

    This some stuff I can’t believe. How can someone possibly have a heart so cold that they can smother a nine-month old baby????? the devil in some people, I tell you….

  • undressingHER

    what is the world coming to when black people are doing this bs……

  • missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    Lord Jesus, I pray for the children of today. Seems like people are preying on young children and babies more and more and more! And this lady is a neo-natal nurse? So she specialized in children, and had to know this was a BAD DAMN IDEA! Throw the book at her dumb selfish azz… She doesn’t even look like she has any remorse in her booking pic. I’d be a WRECK and somewhere in somebody’s pysch ward!
    Guilty – Next!

  • Vida

    I saw this story yesterday on which is one of the news websites in my state, SC, where this tragic incident took place. If you read the whole story, the baby was in her care for only 24 hours. I am very sad and my heart aches because this is the third baby killing we have had in the past 3 months in SC, but the fifth baby killing I’ve heard of in the US. I don’t know what is going on with these people…maybe it’s something in the water. But whatever it is, if you can kill a child…then you have no heart. I hope they f*ck you up in jail before your rediculously low 10 years is up.

  • john hope franklin

    she makes for good target practice

  • Ang

    Oh poor baby 😦 R.I.P. lil one

  • me (the original)®

    Oh my God what is wrong with people?!

  • ShavonDenise

    Utter ridiculousness!! Do your f*cking job and keep putting the pacifier in the baby’s mouth when he spits it out like normal people! I mean this really pisses me off! I just want 5minutes with that b*tch. She doesnt deserve to blink her eyes!

  • BE

    She gave the baby Benadryl..then taped his mouth shut..WTF!! Is she stupid…NO she knew better..this is just trifling neglect.

    Some of these foster parents are just in it for the money.smh

  • mrs. jones

    Its so sad, when killing babies is almost a normal practice. i do have one question though, at 9 months, that baby hadn’t learned to breathe through its nose, or pull at the tape yet???

  • me (the original)®

    mrs. jones

    Its so sad, when killing babies is almost a normal practice. i do have one question though, at 9 months, that baby hadn’t learned to breathe through its nose, or pull at the tape yet???

    I would think perhaps the pacifier was a larger kind, blocking it’s nose. (or the pacifier shifted to block it’s nose when this buffoon taped it on)

    As far as the baby being able to pull off the tape, that would depend. Scotch tape would probably not be difficult for a 9 month old to pull off, but something like duct tape would be an issue. A baby at 9 months isn’t that strong.

  • michelle

    poor child, soo innocent
    she killed a child and faces ONLY 10 YEARS in jail
    please at least give her 40 to fifty years


  • Bored @ Work (I so want to learn how to box)

    I’m in shock..

  • Souljagir

    That is sick why in hell would you tape a pacifier to a baby! I know the mother is sick to her stomach because although the baby had weed in its system that’s far less bad then what happened to him! baby’s are precious how could anyone have such a morbid and sadistic mind to do he things they do when they could simply not get pregnant or not sign up to be a foster mother! Stupid _itch they need to suffocate her behind and just when she looses consciousness revive her and do it again and then let her die!

  • shesofine

    WTF??? That is just plain dumb! Why did she EVER think that was a good idea??

  • Nik

    Lazy woman what a disgusting human.

  • Christmas Jones

    Yup, death penalty sounds about CORRECT! But the devil is a liar…G-d help her.

  • http://Bossip Chitown

    SHe needs the death penalty.


    I hope she likes warm weather…….

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