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10 Pronounced Dead In Niger In Charlie Hedbo Riots

Wildin’ out.


Violent protests have erupted in parts of the world over the latest issue of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

While there have also been largely peaceful protests, authorities from Africa to the Middle East are seeing clashes in the streets — and seeking ways to tamp down the uproar among Muslims furious over depictions of the Prophet Mohammed.

The deadliest violence has been in Niger, where authorities report 10 people killed. Churches and homes have been destroyed, the government said in a statement.

AFP, the France-based news wire service, said police reported that 173 people have been injured; at least 45 churches have been “set ablaze in the capital (Niamey) alone,” and a “Christian school and orphanage were also set alight.” Numerous sites were pillaged before being burned.

Video from Niamey showed protesters waving Qurans and yelling “God is great” while tearing apart Bibles and throwing them onto the ground.

A bar owned by people from France could also be seen burning.

Three days of mourning began Monday, the government announced.

All this over a lil’ drawing. SMH.

Image via AP


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