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August Alsina Wasn’t To Blame For Altercation With St. Louis Promoter

Over the weekend, video footage of an altercation between talented R&B singer August Alsina and a St. Louis event promoter by the name of Loose Cannon Slim hit the internet. Following release of the video and despite the footage clearly showing Slim as the person to take the first swing, many began speculating that August was to blame for the confrontation…..but now the truth behind what actually led to the mishap is coming to light.

August and other artists have spoken out in the past about  promoters not having their business in order and then attempting to publicly take advantage of young entertainers who are new to the industry assuming they don’t know how things are supposed to work. The latest rumor circulating about the reason for the incident is a claim that August got upset about being asked to perform earlier than scheduled due to another artist running late during the concert, but an anonymous source close to the situation tells BOSSIP exclusively that the real reason for the confrontation had little to do with August and everything to do with shady business practices:

“The rumor about [August] not wanting to go on before Migos is completely false. August had no issue going on before Migos. He was scheduled to go on after them but because he had a band, he went on first with no problem. The issue at hand is bad business.

A tactic of many bad promoters is to wait until the last minute to pay the artist, taking money off of the door rather than paying them when they arrive in town. When this happens, you end up paying the artist late, which makes the show run late.

Slim didn’t have ‎August’s money on time; that’s why he was late to the stage. “

Contrary to what has been reported so far, it’s also evident in the video footage that Augusts’ crew consisted of about only 5 people, while the promoter had a pretty deep entourage behind him who all seemed to be actively engaged in the fight once things got out of control. Our source also maintains that August and his crew did not initiate the altercation, but rather defended themselves after the promoter took the first swing at August. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can take a look at it HERE.

At any rate, the show reportedly DID go on as planned (August performed a full set as agreed) with the confrontation taking place after the performance.

It’s not a completely bogus expectation that celebrities should aim to maintain their composure in these situations as they have much more at stake, but it should also be equally expected that promoters hold up their end of the deal OR handle things behind closed doors and in a professional manner should issues arise rather than resorting to violence or disrespect in public.



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