Michael Jackson Glitter Glove Sold For How Much???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Jacko’s crotch grabbing glove just sold for big bank:

A famed glove once owned by Michael Jackson has fetched $99,100 while selling on eBay. The Glove, is claimed (by the seller) to have been worn by Jackson during his 1984-85 Victory tour and when he won eight Grammy’s for his Thriller Album. The auction attracted over 5,400 visitors wanting to take a closer look at the unique piece of music history.

The opening bid started at $1,500 on April 19th, 2009. Seven days later the Glove had received 295 bids (collectively) from the 7 bidders who participated in the frenzy, before receiving its final (eBay Selling) price of $99,100.

According to James Massey, publisher of http://www.WhatSellsBest.com, a website which provides free list and photos of top selling eBay items. “In spite of Jackson’s past troubles, it appears he still has a large fan base. I’ve noticed tickets for his London show have been collecting as much as $2,450″ (Final eBay selling price/per ticket)

What is someone going to do with that glove? We don’t want to know. SMH


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  • Nique


  • Proud ArmyWifee


    @ NI**A SAID

  • Nique

    Hopefully for all that money he paid for it, he’ll be able to find some of that original skin Mike shed…

  • http://Gmoney2u BMWdriver540i

    Heee! Heeee! Uno it! Come on! Say momma saw a ma cu saw! Hee Hee!

  • john hope franklin

    who cares again?

  • Rp

    That glove will be worth more than that in the future.

  • http://jummm22@verizonmail.com kisses

    In this economy to spend that kind of money on a glove worn by a child molester.If you have money to spare give to a charity that is crazy.

  • lee

    Micheal never has to worry about going broke because all he would have to do are tours or sell his old clothes. His kids are set.

  • MJ

    michael is no child molestor.
    i wish i had that glove!

  • http://www.madamethejourney.com Madame

    $99k … is it really that serious??? …

  • that one girl

    I thought it would of sold 4 more than that. THAT’S THE GLOVE 4 CHRIST SAKE!!!!!!!!!

  • Billie Jean


    In an interview in ’93, he admitted he liked to sleep with little boys. There have been countless accusations made against him even from famous male child stars during their prime. He is clearly a very sick individual. I feel bad for the youngest kid, Blanket(the one he dangled from a balcony), at least the two others ones have a mom. Blanket has no one but his sicko dad.

  • Nigga Said

    Michael jackson bought his son Blanket on the black market. Black market babies are the best kind to dangle from high places. In fact, the dangle test is a prerequisite before purchasing a black market baby. Sort of like test driving a car.

  • Brown Like Viola Davis

    Billie Jean– SHUT UP!

    He ain’t been to jail not one time! So stick it!

  • friend

    Bille Jean is “hearing” things. LOL LOL LOL

  • Woudat X

    His Screwvenir-kiddie underwears r being auctioned off next!

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