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White Ohio Mayor Blames “Race-Baiting Black Leaders” For War On Police

A White Ohio mayor is standing firm on his racist remarks and causing an uproar among black leaders in the community in the process. The mayor penned a public letter last month amid the rising tensions between police and the African-American community in the wake of increasing police killings of unarmed black men, blaming the current “war” against police on what he says are “race bating black leaders.”

via WKRC Cincinatti

Mayor Tom Williams makes no apologies for a letter that he wrote that’s landed him in hot water with some African Americans.

Williams, a retired police officer, wrote the letter to the police department on December 22. Two days before, two New York City police officers were ambushed and shot to death while sitting in their cruiser. Williams said the letter was meant to show his support for his police officers. But two parts of the letter have African American leaders outraged.

“I feel compelled to express my thoughts in writing as police officers across the country are under attack by race baiting black leaders and cowardly elected officials,” Mayor Williams wrote. “Let it be known that, God forbid, something controversial would happen, I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU.”

“That letter wasn’t carte blanche to do whatever in the hell you want,” Mayor Williams said Friday. “That letter was to conduct yourselves as they have always and do the right thing and do their job.” At a press conference Friday afternoon, Bishop Bobby Hilton of the Cincinnati chapter of the National Action Network said he wants Mayor Williams to apologize. “I took it as him saying, ok, police officers. If you kill a black, unarmed man and unjustly, I got your back. Don’t worry about it. We’ll take care of you,” Hilton said.

“It is concerning that the mayor would think to encourage his officers he has to tear down black leadership.”

Thursday night, Hilton issued a press release warning African Americans to stay out of Norwood because he feared for their safety. But Friday afternoon, Hilton said he changed his mind about that after receiving a letter from Norwood Police Chief Bill Kramer. “I am very happy to say that the police chief of Norwood contacted me and assured me that anyone that comes in Norwood would be treated fairly and offered that we can come together and have a meeting,” Hilton said. Chief Kramer told Local 12 News he does not speak for the mayor – only the police department.

How are black leaders “race baiting” or “pulling the race card” with regard to this issue when the sole victims of unjustified police killings ARE African-Americans??? SMH.



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