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Tracey Edmonds Talks New Movie “With This Ring” And Black Actresses In Lead Roles

Earlier this week, we caught up with always-fab executive producer Tracey Edmonds to chat about her latest television movie “With This Ring.” Among other things, Tracey opened up with her thoughts on the increased presence of black actresses in lead roles on television, having an all-black female cast in the movie and her boo Deion Sanders’ acting skills.

Check out a little of what she had to say below:

On the increased presence of African-American actresses in lead roles:

I think that we have made some strides. And so the blessings are that you see a lot more African-American females, especially on television in leading roles.  And that’s amazing to see. Kerry Washington in “Scandal,” Viola Davis in “How to Get Away With Murder,” Alfre Woodard, you know, also on another network show, Taraji Henson.

So I mean we do see a lot more African-American women in empowered and in leading roles. And so I’m very, very excited about that. we’ve made some strides.

On the challenges for African-American actors in Hollywood:

The challenges are still the lack of slots for what I’d call all African-American casted films where basically your entire cast is African-American….or [telling] African-American stories.  There is still a long way to go, especially on the theatrical side of things.  There are only a couple slots a year, you know, for urban films versus the hundreds of slots that are available for mainstream films. So we still have a long ways to go, you know, in that arena.

For example like, “With this Ring,” all of our leads are African American women.  But that is still pretty rare to see.  So it’s a blessing that Lifetime is creating slots to allow these types of stories to be told because these types of stories, even though you have African-American casting, the scenes are still relatable across the board.

There are still fabulous women of all colors that are still single, that are still dealing with the dynamics that we’re exploring in the story.

On how she’d rate boyfriend Deion Sanders’ acting cameo in the film:

Oh I rate it a 10. He came in and he did his thing and he did not disappoint at all. He played the heck out of that role.

I mean we were all left kind of wishing that we had a little bit more because his character was so much fun.

“With This Ring” was also co-produced by actress Gabrielle Union and stars Regina Hall, Eve and Jill Scott. You can catch the premiere tonight on Lifetime at 8pm! Will you be watching??



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