Jhud Gets ‘Punk’ed

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We aren’t mad at Jhud for re-proposing to her fiance Punk. That’s some serious love right there. Flip the script for more

Jennifer Hudson recently surprised her fiancé David Otunga with a romantic counter-proposal, of sorts.

One month ago, Jennifer proposed to David on his birthday, says People.com. The affectionate act came five months after David proposed to Jennifer on her 27th birthday.

Jennifer presented her beau with a five-karat diamond engagement ring custom-made by Neil Lane, reports the Web site, which adds that Jennifer and Lane spent months working on the ring’s design.

“Jennifer wanted to give him something really special when she asked David to marry her,” says Lane. “It was very sentimental and romantic. … They are really in love.”

The one snag? Jennifer didn’t know her fiance’s ring size, and the ring turned out to be too big for him! Last weekend, they got it resized, says People.com.

“They were so lovey-dovey and so sweet to each other,” Lane says. “He was very protective of her and they were so in love.”

Women proposing to men with engagement rings just might be the new trend. Jhud deserves all the happiness in the world. Get’ em girl.


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  • Nique


  • http://kinte.com DameCash



  • Bajansparkle


  • Nique

    That d!ck must be the BUSINESS!

  • john hope franklin

    hoes sit down!!! (both of yall)

  • Wenzel Dashington

    She probably asked him, “Do you really love New York?”

  • http://www.imeem.com/mrslatiayates missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    @bajan probably because her family was killed shortly there after, she’s probably been in a place of semi-lucidity/nervous breakdown lately, and is just recently getting the feeling back that she can and will go on, so to renew the thrill and excitement that they first felt when he proposed, she re-created it, with a twist…
    Then again, I might be way off… lol…

  • lena


  • ImEngaged!!!

    wow! to each its own. My personal opinion a women should NEVER ask a man to marry her, when its time he will ask you. Considering they were already engaged she probably wanted to do something out of the ordinary for him to show him how much she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Sweet!!!

  • me (the original)®

    I wish her all the happiness in the world.

  • 11:11

    I really do wish J.Hud the best, but I don’t trust him. I hope he’s not an opportunist.

  • Atls_Fynest

    I think they are a cute couple and I hope they have a wonderfull marriage.

  • SrChocola

    I’m trying to figure out if I’m the only one that see’s he is a booty bandit. That niggga is screaming dl to me.

  • Lady Shady

    whatever…dudes don’t get any ideas.

  • She_4_Real

    Can you say “lock down”?

  • Notcha Mama

    I wish Jhud all the love in the world, I truly do, but since the first time I saw this dude on I love New York, he’s been blowing up my gaydar worse than the Mr. “Peaches” the choir director at church. Jhud does not need anymore heartache. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a DL brotha.

  • Zeus

    Good luck to Jennifer and David. It’s sad that most black women on this site can’t be happy for someone else. When reading some of the responses here it makes me believe that black women are destined to be bitter and alone.

  • Chocolate Wisdom

    The Gold Diggin has begun…

    In my best Maury Povich voice:

    “David Otunga you ARE the gold digger”

  • nitenrz

    I’m lovin it. You go girl!

  • Y-Not Say It


  • smiley

    I hope not b/c he does reminds u of Terry ex-husband. I wish her the best!!!!

  • Tee

    whats with all the proposals ?

  • Mamacita

    Why would she propose when they were already engaged????
    Wouldn’t marriage be the next step…?

  • Sugamama

    Jennifer do what you want its your money. I just hope this guy is genuinly in love with you because he looks kind of fruity to me.

  • Caramel Cat

    I really really am prayerful that this man turns out to be true blue. He seems nice and like he’s genuine about her but I can’t help but notice certain ‘things’ about him. But, I do sincerely wish her the best and I want to see her happy and in love.

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