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Lena Dunham Conflates Lil Wayne And Lil Jon

We’re not even 30 days into 2015 and we already have a moment that tweeters, journalists, and TV talking heads will likely use to discuss how white folks view black folks as a monolith who think, speak, and even LOOK exactly alike.

‘Girls’ creator Lena Dunham has found herself at the helm of yet another controversy. This time, the oft-nude and poorly built actress has graduated from TMI tales of sexually molesting her sister, and moved onto another of the seven deadly media faux pas, confusing two different black people. Samuel L. Jackson would NOT be happy about this…

Yesterday, Lena posted a list of her celebrity sightings at this year’s Sundance Film Festival

Apparently Lena and her friend were convinced that they had seen Lil Wayne traipsing around Utah.

Well, Wayne was not in Utah. He was in Miami, s**tting on his “daddy“.

At some point either Lena realized that she gaffed, her Instagram comments were calling her all kinds of “stupid hoes”, or perhaps both.

Ashamed of how many names I spelled wrong. Also we may have seen Lil Jon and written down Lil Wayne. F*****g unacceptable. I’m retiring (for the night)

Yeah…on the flip, Lena goes to great lengths to absolve herself from any semblance of racism. Turn the page.

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