Brandy Breaks it Down Live

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Brandy’s tryin’ to bring back Michael Jacko’s steez with the one-handed glove vibe at her concert at Indigo O2 in London last night. Not really feelin’ it B-Rocka but your weave is hittin’. Flip the script for more concert pics

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  • Whut??

    I miss Brandy. I wish she’d come back with something hot…and soon.

  • Whut??

    Wow 1st!!! 🙂

  • Nigga Said


  • wifey06

    howmany raggedy azz gloves do we have to seeto see? beyonce ciara, keri, brandy , michael, janet at one point… stop it..dumb azzez..

    for real some of these folks really should just take a break.. they are going irrelevantly out there to be hot!!!!!

    i still can get over beyocne and her votron power ranger/transformer perfromance. britanny ciurcus theme is way better than that ( i ain’t saying, brittany can sing b/c she lips sings the whole concert)…….

  • wtfever

    Love Brandy and her voice. Wish her the best!

  • 2dimplzs

    I mean this in all seriousness: When did Brandy ever have a voice? I loved her first album music wise and that was pretty much it.

    I don’t like the wig and I’m not feeling the one glove. Even though she’s not a strong vocalist she has the ability to put out some better music if she got with the right producer.

  • Zina (The Original Princess)

    Her weave don’t look like ‘ish. She’s irrelevant now anyways…that’s why there is only 6, now 7, posts on her.

  • dayg715

    this pie faced has-been is still trying?

  • Avatar

    C’mon Brandy… one glove can’t be errybody’s steez. Beyonce is doing that right now… find you something else.

  • mild sauce head of my own tradition ™

    Brandy.. get lost!!

  • barb

    yall are mean.
    i like brandy.

  • bianca

    She looks like Donna Summer in the close up

  • sugahh pie

    the concert was the best..seriouslii brandy is soo naturally pretty nd extremely humble aswel

  • leny

    I was a the gig, she put on a great show, too short but the voice was on point! she is talented and deserves her spot…haters haters haters…it is sad to always call others has-been when you never achieved much!

  • Tavarus

    awwww i love it.. she betta do it up big

  • R&B

    Dope outfit. And I love her asymetrical weave.
    I love her new swagga. So confident on stage.
    Can not wait for her next album.

  • leesha

    @2dimplz please shut the hell up! Brandy is the bomb and my inspiration for music get the hell out here with that Brandy doesn’t have a voice shit. You must live under a rock or something!

  • momo

    Brandy was amazing, amazing voice, great perfomance and show.

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  • 7thwardbeauty

    dem boots hot

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