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This lady, Connie Culp, was shot in the face by her husband. Connie is the first American to get a full-face transplant:

Connie Culp, the first American to receive a full face transplant, has granted an interview with Good Morning America, which aired this morning. Culp suffered massive disfigurement after her abusive husband attempted to kill her, and then himself.
But surprisingly she still has feelings for the man:

“I still love my husband,” said Culp in an interview with Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America.” “I can’t talk about him, OK?”
While Thomas Culp’s failed attempt at a murder-suicide got him seven years in prison for the crime, it seems like a rather unfair sentence next to his wife, who would spend the next several years unable to smell, see, or live a normal life. Connie has endured dozens of surgeries over the past four years, but remained disfigured and unable to eat or breathe on her own, until she underwent the transplant surgery at the Cleveland Clinic five months ago. It was the recent smell of soap that made Connie realize that her new face was functioning as it should again. When asked if she ever forgave her husband for the gruesome act, Culp replied: “I forgave him the day he did it.” Culp, a victim of domestic violence, warned other women to get out of a relationship at the first sign of abuse.

How do people feel about using a deceased persons face for a transplant?




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