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Bossip got the chance to see a pre-screening of Next Day Air a few days ago and it’s pretty good. Mike Epps got a chance to flex his dramatic skills, Mos Def is hilarious, and Donald Faison gave a solid performance. It comes out today and it’s definitely worth the $10.00 – $13.00 you’ll be forced to spend.

We also chatted it up with Mike about the film and that silly beef between Steve Harvey and Katt Williams:

Bossip: Did you have fun filming this movie?
Mike Epps: I did. I got to shoot some guns. You know that’s always a black man’s love. To kill somebody and not go to prison.

Bossip: How did Next Day Air come to have such a diverse cast?

Mike Epps: The script was so good that I think it did a lot of the work. When you read the script, you can basically see the cast.

Bossip: How was it working with Wood Harris?

Mike Epps: Wood was cool. He’s a great actor. I was a fan of Wood from watching The Wire and it was good working with him because he gave me another look that needed in my career.

Bossip: Are you looking to do a serious dramatic film a la other comedians like Jamie Foxx?

Mike Epps: I’m doing in it this film. When they go see this one, they’ll be able to see it.

Bossip: Speaking of dramatic, we caught wind of the Richard Pryor film and how Eddie Murphy will now be playing the role that you were originally green-lighted to play. What happened?

Mike Epps: I have alot respect for Eddie Murphy , and I sat with Richard Pryor for that year. He did pick me to do I, but I believe that I’m the new Richard Pryor for the kids, anyway.

Bossip: So, what did you think of the fight between Steve Harvey and Katt Williams.
Mike Epps: I think they were just trying to sell some tickets. I just don’t get comedy beef. A comedian is supposed to make people happy and laugh. Beef? Leave that up to the rappers.


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