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Judge Disregards Guardian Ad Litem Recommendation, Biased Toward Ludacris?

Does the Fulton County family court system have a serious bias when it comes to celebrity dads? The reason we ask is that we saw Usher score a major victory by receiving primary physical custody of his sons following a major court battle last year and as BOSSIP reported this week Ludacris (Chris Bridges) won a similar victory in his custody battle for his 13-month-old daughter Cai Bella.

Following his legal victory Luda released the following statement:

“After review of all the evidence, the testimony of the witnesses, the report of the guardian ad litem, and the claims made throughout this entire case, I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter”.

What’s interesting is that Luda makes reference to the report of the guardian ad litem in his statement. It’s worth noting that Judge Dorothy Downs disregarded a key recommendation from the guardian ad litem, Kayla Lind. In her report, Lind recommends that Cai Bella remain with her mother until she is at least five-years-old. While Judge Downs acknowledged that Fuller and Bridges were both physically and mentally stable, she awarded primary physical custody to Bridges.

Is it just us, or do you find it strange that a judge would strip a mother of her 13-month-old? Don’t you think it might be traumatic for a baby to be taken away from her mother? Especially when a guardian ad litem recommends otherwise. Do you think celebrity bias might be at play?

There seems to be a strong argument for it. Or perhaps Fuller was simply outmanned. After all. Ludacris had six attorneys in the courtroom versus Fuller’s one. One of Luda’s lawyers, John Mayoue was part of the team that helped score Usher custody of his sons. Did Luda have an inside edge thanks to Mayoue? If you recall there were previous questions about Usher’s attorneys having a potentially conflicting relationship with the judge in that case.

Also worth noting, the guardian ad litem in Usher’s case was Dan Bloom. Bloom has previously partnered with the guardian ad litem on this case, Kayla Lind.

As we noted yesterday, Fuller’s history of neglect with her first daughter came into play in the judge’s decision. Yet somehow over the course of a 10-month investigation Lind never interviewed Fuller’s daughter (who is now 20-years-old) to find out how she felt about her mother’s parenting ability. She was never asked how she felt about the period of a 3-4 years when Fuller left her in her grandparents care. Does that seem right?

There’s also the convenient timing of Ludacris’ marriage to Eudoxie Agnan. During the three day trial Luda testified that it took a year for the lawyers to finish drafting his prenuptial agreement and since it came in December, he married her right away. Do you believe him?

Ludacris reportedly pays the mother of his daughter Karma $11K a month, did he wed Agnan to bolster his custody case so he could avoid another hefty child support payment?

The good thing about the trial is that it helped clear up a number of discrepancies. Contrary to previous reports, Fuller never worked as an adult entertainer. Prior to her previous job she did work as a waitress in a strip club but she was not a dancer. Also, while on the stand Ludacris admitted to dating Fuller for a period of approximately three months.

Does that change your opinion of her?

For now Fuller is understandably devastated.

In an exclusive statement released to Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine, attorney Lisa West released the following via her client:

“While Ms. Fuller is joyous that the court granted her joint legal custody and joint physical custody of the parties’ 13-month-old daughter, she is devastated (and quite perplexed) that the court designated Mr. Bridges as primary physical custodian. Despite this unexpected result, Ms. Fuller will continue to focus on her role as mother to their precious daughter and as co-parent to Mr. Bridges and awaits the time that the pain of today’s decision subsides. She expresses her gratitude to all of those who have supported her during this difficult period.”

What do you think Bossip fam? Did the judge let celebrity bias cloud her reasoning? Who should have physical custody of baby Cai?

Watch her make announce her ruling:




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