Ho Sit Down: Pastor Manning Dissing Obama

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is that Pastor James David Manning is still talking out the side of his neck about Barack Obama. His ho ass needs to sit down and stop getting out of pocket. No wonder he’s defending himself by saying he’s no “Coon or Buffoon”.

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  • Kimy


  • Crystal

    This man needs to sit the hell back. What the hell is he even talking about any way. The youth is the future so why wouldn’t we be able to vote?

  • da darkness

    Feds is gonna make him bend over

  • Tinkerbella

    Did he call those girls “stink face”?? (As I finish laughing)

    I am a little, maybe a lot, disgusted by him. How in the world can he tell me that as a college student I have no say in the upcoming election and the state of my future? That is utterly ridiculous. Not taking anything away from the civil rights movement and the path that others have made for us, we have every right to participate in this so-called democracy. Granted, our youth are not the poster children for educational achievement, but some are. This is not to dismiss the issues that are prevalent in the Black community. Not all of the “new generation” is part of this hip-hop culture. Furthermore, not everyone who is black adheres to these “values”. Not everyone goes to church and if we dont, so what. This does not mean that there is no belief of a higher power. The absence of religion does not equate to immorlity. There are plenty of folks with one foot in the church and the other in the crack house.

    What exactly is acting White. I have never understood that

  • http://yahoo.com Ebo

    This guy sounds so annoying,you need to shut up old man.Oh ya,you are a bafoon and a coon.This is adisappointment,this fool needs to sit down.What is he saying that is so constructive? Ya,”ho sit down”.

  • E. Junior


  • http://yahoo.com Ebo

    Damn,thought I was first screw you Kimmy!You need to let me move in on that first spot girl.You know that’s my spot,I’m not done yet…I’ll get mine!

  • O-K

    send all the old farts to sea!

  • Brando

    LOL @ this guy. Its ‘ not even worth being upset over. Just one question, how do you “eat white”? LOL. I blame this on YouTube, someone so silly should not get public attention.

    Good Day.

  • O-K

    He seen the struggles of black people but doesnt think that blacks could be in the highest office of the land?

    My daddy, also lived through the Jim Crow era and he supported Barak

    dont compare yourself to other prominient leaders and greats in the black community?

    go back to the plantation and finish pick that cotton!! I want a sweater by this afternoon so that I can wear it to the 50 cent concert!!

  • Tinkerbella

    According to him: eat white = sushi, brown rice, lobster, filet minon,caviar. eat black=fried chicken, collard greens, shrimp, grits, corn bread

  • Tinkerbella

    thats funny as hell O-K

  • Pastor Manning's Hairline

    I just wanna know why nobody ain’t been checking for me since I been gone?

  • Bleu BOy

    wow for him to be ordained a pastor he sure is disrespectful the black youth…and he’s mad cuz he cant be elected the first black president. but the whole issue isnt about obama admitting he’s black, nebody can see that fact that he is black, he lived a struggle jes like every other person… this pastor needs to warsh his own mouth out wit some soap…lol…how dare he.

  • Making sense

    Who are you to say that 17-35 year old human beings “don’t have the right to chose the leaders of today”. What are you on? So do you think you have the right to chose for them? You have lost your cotton pickin’ mind. “Acting White”???? Did you really go to school or went by it or visited it? You chose to stay in that slave mentality and now you don’t even know it. Who gave you the right to say that the age voting-decision makers-lawful and rightly abled people should not have the same right as you do.You need to be committed. Your degree- how much did you say you paid for it again? “stink face” this so unbecoming of a so called leader – what are you doing watching girls of that nature and why are you watching girls might I add. You have planted your foot right up your _ _ _.

  • AND...

    Y’all don’t post it here. Click on his website name in the clip and leave these messages on his profile. I just did.

  • Black Ivy

    “IM not a handkerchief head, I speak for the lord!” Lololol! But seriously, Obama has done more for uplifting black women by showing america that he chose to marry that beautiful, poised, smart BLACK AMERICAN woman and have those adorable BLACK AMERICAN girls than any other lipservice that could be paid. Hes demonstrated enough where his loyalties like. He’s here for us.

  • John

    WEW, He said a lot of nothing! I think his Stacy Adams is pushing those corns because he seems mad as hell. Don’t like to talk about any Pastor but I think he needs a vacation!!!

  • TerryB

    I think he is a closet homosexual that was turned down by someone as phine as OBAMA when he was in school getting that degree(s)!!!

  • rachel & lil sis


  • im so pretty

    (laughing)now yall know that someone is gonna come up here defending that man and curse everyone out including me..lmao

  • im so pretty

    what is eating white?

  • SIX Shooter (LIFTED)

    Yep, my Manz must want to make it illegal to vote if your black and under the age of 35. He’s a lil late, I thought the police and our current criminal courts was still taking care of that on the low.

  • ???

    What’s upsetting to me is that he’s a pastor & WHat is coming out of his mouth imo is very sacreligious & biased. He’s using his position as ‘pastor’ to steer voter support away from obama & has yet to come up with a valid reason as to why obama is a misfit, stating false claims that obama doesn’t even acknowledge his blackness when obama had said time & time again that his mother is white from kansas & father is black from kenya. He’s a clown for saying that Obama should be referred to as a nigerian name because ‘obama’ sounds islamic when obama is from kenya. And then after he was finished ranting had the nerve to say that he was ‘sent by the Lord’, as if to justify his judgement on black people that do support obama all because he doesn’t. He needs to sit down & do what a pastor is really supposed to be doing, preaching what’s lined up with the word of God, not his useless rhetoric on politics, something he never should have put his say into in the 1st place.

  • AND...

    rachel & lil sis

    I can see your ass if effing crazy too. Talking about he’s right. GGGGGTTTTTFFFFFFOOOOHHHHH!!!!!

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