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Kendall Jenner Might Leave Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Has Kendall Jenner gotten fed up with her family’s reality circus? The Kardashian baby-sister is already far more focused on her modeling career than reality stardom, but now it seems that yesterday’s bombshell claim that she slept with her oldest sister’s babydaddy was the last straw. Kendall is mortified and she wants out. Via HollywoodLife:

The shocking Star magazine report about Kendall and Scott’s alleged affair could have a major impact on Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

“Kendall is now questioning whether or not she should remain on the show,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She doesn’t want to be known as a reality star, she wants to be taken seriously.”

“Kris of course is like, ‘No way, don’t be silly. There is no such thing as bad publicity.’ But Kendall is not happy about this one bit,” our source adds. “She’s really having second thoughts about sticking with the show. She wants to express all this on Twitter but was told by Kris to just minimize it and make light of it.”

Poor Kendall! It seems like keeping her feelings inside could be making things worse!

“Kendall is mortified, just beyond humiliated over this whole Scott hookup scandal,”our source revealed. “Kendall says this whole story makes her look cheap and it’s not the kind of publicity that she wants. Her sisters, including Kourtney, are telling her not let it bother her, but she is just beside herself.”

“She would never cheat with someone let alone with her own sister’s guy, and plus Scott‘s not even her type. She thinks it’s gross,” our source added.

Funny how she’s one of the youngest in the family, yet seems to be the only one with sense enough to be legitimately embarrassed by a story branding her as a slore. SMH. But do you think she will actually leave?



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