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Famed Surgeons Who Spilled The Beans About Celebrity Clients

We’re not sure why so many high-profile celebs LIE about having work done (like it’s not obvious) but, they do (often), without ever thinking that their surgeon would (accidentally) put them on blast on social media as satisfied customers/famous friends.

Hit the flip for a collection of celebrity plastic surgeons who accidentally snitched on their star clients.

Iggy Azalea claims she’s 100% natural but this pic tells a slightly different story.

Global Medical PR. Sound familiar? Probably not.

Peep their celebrity plastic surgeon clientele. You’ve already met Dr. Ghavami. Now direct your attention to Dr. Harry Glassman.

If you click on Dr. Glassman’s Twitter and scroll down, this is what you see.

Kylie Jenner? Seems rather messy to even have this on a public page and fuel rumors.

Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane (left). Kylie (right). Interesting. Dr. Glassman clients?

And there’s more…

The Kardashians are notorious for denying having work done yet these connections to famed celebrity surgeons exist. Very interesting.

Dr. Sands posted this on social media.

Guess who represents Dr. Sands? Global. Media. PR. Honestly, anyone can connect these dots.

Dr. G snitchin’ again.

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B12 vitamin shot? Riiiight.

Even regular people get put on blast (“accidentally”).

“Dropped in” to chat about possible Basketball Wife storylines? Of course she did.

Karrueche had work done? Maybe not, but him tagging her is eyebrow-raising.

Dr. Fisher? Yea, world-renown “Master of Cosmetic Surgery”

We’re sure ALL these pics and connections with famed surgeons wouldn’t make anyone more suspicious of the Kardashians. Not even a little bit.

Suge Knight flicking it up with renown plastic surgeons? Dr. Haworth wasn’t scared to post this? SUGE GOT WORK DONE?



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