R&B Singer Adrian Marcel Drops Valentine’s Day Mixtape And Talks Love For His City And Loving The Ladies

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Adrian Marcel Interview with BOSSIP: Oakland Protests, His Signature Hairstyle And What He Wants In A Woman

Just in case you were struggling to put together that perfect Valentine’s Day playlist for the evening, Adrian Marcel drops Fifty Shades of Adrian: Unplugged. Like its namesake ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, the singer offers a mix of semi sadistic but 100% hot songs sure to make you sweat. Last month, while on tour with Elle Varner, Adrian hinted at some new music coming around Valentine’s Day. And while he wasn’t shy telling us about his bedroom behavior, we can honestly say that Mr. Marcel has had love on his mind for some time now.


Check out what surprising things the up and coming singer confessed to us about dating, daddyhood, and more!

How’s the tour [with Elle Varner] been so far?

It’s been great, can’t complain about it.

Do you have a favorite stop?

I always love New York. New York is always super turnt up. It’s always a lot to do, always a lot going on. I’m somebody who likes a whole bunch of work. I’d rather just go, go, go, ’cause once I stop, I just crash. But it’s been fun and Elle is super cool to be on tour with. Always love her voice.

Have you guys had a chance to work together? Will you?

No we haven’t had the chance to work together, yet. I’m almost certain that we definitely are going to do something together. Like I said I love her voice and I think if we were to do something together it would be pretty crazy.

Anything in particular that’s inspired you?

Yeah, just seeing myself evolve and transcend; to always be able to look back and see where I started. I run into people that I saw in the beginning and they say ‘I see your grind. Your work is impeccable.’ And for me it’s just normal days at work so I don’t always get to see how hard me and my team are going because I love this and this is what I’ve always dreamed of doing. And just seeing different cities. Like, the fact that I go to sleep in one city, wake up and go to another city, and fall asleep in the next city, that’s inspiring in itself to me; to keep going and to keep giving my all. Because obviously, it’s doing something.

What about outside of yourself? Are there any artists that inspire you?

…My iPod is spread out. It’s very broad. I go from 7/11 to Drake to some Coldplay, Ty Dolla $ign, then flip it back to Whitney Houston. All artists inspire me though. I know it sounds cliché to say that, but they do. I look at everybody’s struggle, I’ve looked at everybody’s grind. I watch people’s mistakes, people’s great choices and I try to remember. I try to always think about those choices when I’m making decisions or when I’m writing.

When we think about you, we think about Oakland. With everything going on – especially with all of the protesting due to Eric Garner and Mike Brown how is home? Oakland was definitely one of the places for protest.

East Oakland in the building! Yeah they shut the whole 580 down. They were just protesting and everything. It definitely touched the city hard.

Have those situations inspired you?

I think those events, on top of history in my city and cities like it, it’s always been an inspiration. That’s why I’m such a fighter for love. Even deeper than that, there’s a problem between the battle of the sexes right now, between men and women. And, I try to do what I do best to touch the world and that’s through music. So I try to put as much positivity and positive energy in my music to get them through their struggle, whatever that struggle may be. Whether it’s politics, whether it’s just life, whether it’s relationships, it doesn’t matter, I want to touch people and give them hope. That’s how we build, first of all, is through love and the best way for me is through my music.

See?? Told you, Adrian is all about the love. Surely, his mixtape will help (at least temporarily) end this ‘battle of the sexes’. Are you wondering if Adrian is dating anyone right now to sample that music? Thought so…hit the flip for the answers and more!

We love that you talk about your daughter on your “Weak After Next” mixtape. How do you explain these situations to her? Do you talk to your daughter about these things? How old is she now?

I talk to my daughter about everything. She’s 6. I don’t talk to her like a 6 year old. I talk to her like she’s a young woman because in this time and age everything is moving so fast; music is coming so fast; everything is picking up. And I want her to be aware of what’s going on. And I know there is supposed to be the block we have for our kids but I don’t want to do that. My mother and father didn’t do that with me. And I think that’s why I’m so adamant about positivity and about love. We’re messed up. We’re going to be who we are at this point. But rebuilding is to start fresh that that’s what the kids are; they’re our way of starting fresh. If we can put love into them and positivity into them and good energy into them then the world can transcend.

Are you still with your daughter’s mom?

No, I’m not with her mom. But at the same time I’m very good with her mom and we definitely have a strong relationship to take care of our daughter.

So are you dating?

I date a lot of people.

A lot of people?

I mean what is dating? My impression of dating has always been we go to dinner, we have a good time. It’s not like we’re together, but we’re dating! When I see you, we’re dating. So we’re dating right now! We’re sitting here, we’re talking, we’re conversing. That’s a date to me! How are you liking our date so far? (laughs)

Hmmm, that ‘date’ definition may get a little bit of the side eye. But, clearly Adrian has a loving heart. Hit the flip now to see what Adrian confessed about how he likes his woman. Warning: it’s about to go down!

So, we’ve heard the skits on your mixtape and some of them are a little hood.

Okay, I have a confession. I love ratchet. I love classy at the same time too but I’m from East Oakland; you have to keep that in mind. There has to be a little ratchetness in there. I like for you to go off a little bit. Express yourself! I don’t hide my emotions.

So you need a little bit of isht talking?

Please. I mean, they like it; I like it.

You talk about a lot of gritty stuff.

I like to be real about it; I don’t want it to be anything so far-fetched when you hear about me. I’m human, I come from East Oakland, I had a chance to live life and I still live life and all of those experiences get written down and get put on paper, put to wax, and put to other’s ears. So if you have any judgments, you might as well make them of the music now because that’s who I am.

You must like trouble[…]

I do like a little drama in my life every now and then. Some female drama though. I keep it pretty simple. I can’t stress it enough, I come from East Oakland.

You’re just going to blame it all on Oakland?

Nah I’m not blaming it on my city. I love my city. I love the fact that that comes with it. But I’m prepared for whatever, you know? I’ve dealt with some classy women, I’ve dealt with some very ratchet women, I’ve dealt with some women who were classy and then at the drop of a dime would snap into some ratchet stuff, and all the rest. Everybody’s crazy at some point and time. Guys are lying if they say they don’t’ like a girl with some craziness to her because the crazy ones love you the hardest.

We heard the crazy ones have the best box. Is that true?

I’ll say I’ve had some great experiences. I’m nasty.

Nasty? Like you eat a$$?

You know what, I can’t lie and say I never have. If you eating it good, you’ve got to slip up on it. If you ain’t never slipped up on it, then you ain’t ever really ate no [putty tat]. Best believe I check it out, spread the cheeks first. I don’t like holding anything back in my life. So when I’m on stage I don’t hold back nothing; 5 people or 500 people, I don’t hold it back. Same thing in the bedroom, I’m going to give it my all and I need you to do the same thing. If I’m nasty, I need you to be nastier. At 2 AM it really means that. I don’t want to go straight to the bed, that’s boring. Like, if I’m in New York let’s do it in front of the statue of liberty; face the statue of liberty and just get liberated. Don’t let the lightskin, swooped hair fool you.

Zaaaaaammmmn, Adrian!!! We didn’t know you had it like that! As a matter of fact, could his signature swoop even hold up?? What’s he using to keep it at such gravity-defying heights? We’ve got the answers straight from the source and more on what kind of lady Adrian is looking for on the next page!

What other qualities are you looking for?

Just to be genuine; be real. I don’t like a lot of make up. Confidence in yourself; believe in yourself. If you’re constantly pointing out your negatives, I’m going to pay attention to those things and subconsciously they’re going to start to bother me because they are bothering you. And I don’t discriminate against nothing. I like them small, tall, big, skinny, I don’t discriminate on race, anything like that. None of that. I love all women across the globe.

When it comes to social media how private are you with it? Do you think Bossip will ever be able to pick up on who you might be dating off of your tweets?

There’s a lot of people who follow me. I look at all the people who follow me, young and old, and I don’t think they need that side of Adrian. I like to try and inspire as much as I can. Like, if you go down my tweets you’ll always see something to build somebody up and at the time I may be going through something deep. I may be hurting, mad, pissed off and I may want to say something like “ they got me effed up” but instead I’ll stop and say “love yourself”. Of course we’re all human, we all have our blow-ups but I try not to take that stuff to social media.

Is there anything you want to set straight? Any false rumors or misconceptions you think people might have about you.?

Hmmm… I’m not El DeBarge’s son. But I will accept the fact that we look a lot alike. It’s all good, I think that’s dope. For any girls I ever lied to and told I was Chris Brown’s cousin to get a little further, I’m sorry. But nah, other than that, there hasn’t really been a lot of rumors. They tried to say something about me and Chris but that was really nothing.

I think they mentioned the hair thing. They said you were upset that Chris was trying to bite your hairstyle.

Nah, like for me there’s spur of the moments where I post things that I want people to get about me and that I would love people to have for themselves like originality, humility, being good to other people, and things like that. So it was really just the timing of it when I put it up. Really I was the last person to see it. So many people were hitting me saying ‘did you see it? Did you see it?’. And really, I thought it was dope. I’m going to take the positive to that: Chris Brown doing something similar – I’m not going to say the same, I’m not going to say he was trying to take my style – he did something similar and I thought it was dope. It just lets me know that I’m on the right path; I’ve got something going that’s dope. I would love to do a record with him. I’ve always been a Chris Brown fan.

Where did the swoop [hair] come from?

I study a lot of old school artists so that style always touched me and my Dad always gave me this part since like kindergarten so I’ve always liked that look and we were looking at Astro Boy, the cartoon. And I thought that was pretty dope, I think I can do that with my hair. So if you need that product I got it.

Do you use Ms. Jessie’s?

Nah, ProStyle.

Clear or black?

Black, that clear be flaking up. Don’t do that. That clear is a problem. It look like you just came from doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

When can we hear new music?

We are getting ready to drop an album at the top of the year. If it was a perfect world then it would be Valentines Day, which it could still happen, but I’m looking at February, March to put out the project, the actual album. Always recording. Here and in Cali, I’m back and forth.

So Bossip, what do you think of music’s newest pretty boy?? He definitely followed through on that Valentine’s Day music. Do you think you’ll check for Adrian Marcel a little closer now? Comment below!

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