Roseanne Barr: Bill Cosby Scandal Is Not A Surprise

Comedienne Roseanne Barr Speaks On ‘Unsurprising’ Cosby Scandal — “We All Know Somebody That Went Through It With Bill Cosby” [VIDEO]

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Roseanne Barr: Bill Cosby Scandal Is Not A Surprise

Bill’s accuser list keeps growing and growing, shocking (and angering) many in the public. But, as Hanibal Burress pointed out, Bill’s alleged non-consensual extramarital activities have been a well-known rumor in Hollywood and on the comedy scene for decades. Naturally, when asked if the allegations shocked her, comedienne Roseanne Barr very honestly answered “No.” Via Us Magazine:

“We’ve all heard it for a long time, and it surprises nobody,” explained Barr. a fellow comedian who, like Cosby, became a TV superstar in the 1980s with a eponymous family sitcom. “Like every woman in Hollywood — there’s hardly any hairdressers or waitresses or working women who don’t know somebody… we all know women who know somebody if not [someone] who [went] through it themselves with Bill Cosby.”

But unlike many Cosby critics, Roseanne has hope for Bill. She thinks the comedian can make everything right with his nearly 25 accusers and preserve his great legacy, if he’ll just be proactive about coming clean and fixing it.

“Maybe it’s not the end of it,” she said. “I have hopes for this great comic. I do. I have hopes that he would just make it clean, and make it, you know, make it right, and I do think he could do that.”

As to how Cosby could make it right, Barr said, “There’s so many ways… He’s got a billion bucks.”

“I hope he gets a lot of suggestions from people who say they care about him, of how to do that, ’cause we all want a happy ending, and a just ending,” the Roseanne actress continued. “Whatever it is, I hope he finds it, and I really do. I hope he finds it because, I mean, he’s a great talent. It’s too bad, but, I mean, we’re all half-nuts anyway. But, I mean, we go like this, ‘Hey, I made a mistake.’ How hard is this really? Seriously… There’s a million ways… But there’s nothing more powerful than, ‘I am sorry.'”

Hmmm, what do you think? Can Cosby really bounce back from something like this by just admitting wrongdoing? Or should he keep as silent as he has up to this point?

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