When The Checks Stop Coming In: Is VIBE Magazine Filing For Bankruptcy??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Word is, VIBE is assed out and just filed for bankruptcy:

According to inside sources, Vibe Magazine is almost on the way out. Vibe’s long-run in the game looks to be coming to an end. Sales and subscriptions have been at an all-time low for the past couple of months. Vibe Magazine used to be a staple in the hip hop community, but ever since Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith took over, the ship has been slowly sinking….…I think we could say that she is single handedly responsible for Vibe Magazine falling apart.Recently, a story was published in Vibe which listed the Top 50 Hip Hop Blogs out today. If you look at their list, it’s clear to see that Vibe has NO CLUE what the kids are looking at. Ever since Danyel took over it seems like Vibe is detached with what’s going on in the entertainment world. A magazine that started out as something that hip-hop fans could be proud of has quickly turned into a magazine hip hop fans are ashamed of.
It’s a sad day when Vibe Magazine has approximately 130 pages and 70 of those pages are advertisements. As a loyal reader of Vibe magazine, who has followed it and watched the magazine grow for the past couple of years, I hate to say it, but Vibe is on the way out.

 Print magazines are going through a very rough time now. SMH. We really liked you, Vibe.


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  • Hannibal

  • Scooby Dubious

    Most magazines are struggling. Give the lady a break.

  • Go Bey

    Danyel is the worst. I thought Mimi Valdes was bad but Danyel has no clue. She gave Plies a cover lol

  • Rexx

    damn lets not get too crazy, VIBE is still a great magazine

  • Denise Silva

    mainstream Hip Hop has very little to deliver, so no wonder this magazine has nothing to sale. The economy is not helping the matter because saving on a mag subscripcion is the first think I would do.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    It’s a digital age, the sale of physical products is on a decline in every format = cd’s, magazines, newspapers, etc…

  • s


  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Why buy a magazine when you can get the up-to date content online and for free?

    Unfortunately, the main consumers of those hip-hop magazines are youngin’s and just like a good majority of their music they’ll go online to get it… They have limited funds and want up-to date content…

    That’s just the “reality” of the situation…

    These people have to come up with a new business model to survive in this new age = the digital age…

  • Holla



    danyel has always been more of a groupie than a writer.

  • sirjacque

    Easy on Danyel. Subscriptions has very little to do with the financial health of a magazine. It is advertising rates that drive magazine revenue. As these rates goes down, the number of ads has to go up to make up for the shortfall. Cost of printing has also risen dramatically. Online magazines are the way to go. There will be many other magazines filing for bankruptcy in the near future Stay tuned.

  • Doc

    I used to love vibe magazine in the 90 and early 2k when Emil Wilbekin was the editon in chief.Few year later the magazine turn into garbage. no more good article and the started to put just about everyone
    on the cover. I stoped my menbership imediately.

  • Doc

    Mimi Valdes was a ok editor in chief. But to me it was then that Vibe started going down.

  • divachic0304

    Yes I agree VIBE got very gay. The recent one with Rhianna was very gay. It was no point of putting Rhianna on the cover if there was no real interview with her,but then again. That is what draw customers to the mag.

    Also yea the internet has too over. Insted of waiting every month for the lastes gossip. You can go online now and read everyday.

  • kim

    i subscribed to vibe when around the time ciara cover came out and it’s pathetic i will let my subcribtion run out the quote is very correct at least 70 percent of the mag is advertisment and the number of pages and quality, and helpful or entertaining content is dwindeling by the minute, too much information on people like rihanna, chris brown, plies, and t.i ewwww, and the next issue we have to look at enimiem and more expensive clothes, gadgets, and parfum 85 percent of thier readers cant afford. they should take a hint from ebony and maybe a health magazine, music isn’t all thier is to the black community, at this state they should fold and will fold. i remember a couple years ago a Vibe will last you a week now i toss them in bout a hour. get rid of Danyel and get some fresh young blood in.

  • Bethan

    Im gonna miss 20 questions though

  • Shay

    I used to subscribe way back when Quincy Jones played a larger role in the mag. Back when cover to cover was interesting. Lately when I buy it off the rack the only thing I look forward to is who is on the cover (which decides if I buy or not) and 20 questions.

    I tried the net subscription to your e-mail but half the time I never got it and I even double checked my spam file.

  • Absulam

    DR. FUNK

    Man, hip hop is as alive as it’s ever been. The problem is that we only hear about the lil waynes and soulja boys. Those cats get radio play and make a lot of money, while the actual good hip hop, which is plentiful, is largely ignored by the masses. Then you have a world full of people that want everything for free and proceed to download music so as to further erode record sales and thus making it harder for thw world to get something new in place of the norm.

    This is happening in all areas of media, especially print though not in a criminal way. We get all our news in seconds when we want it so whats the point in killing more trees? Ten years happened and everyone suddenly got “connected.”

  • Marquis de Sade

    The printed media new by-line should read: YESTERDAY’S NEWS TODAY!

  • Livelle Collins

    Bring back the days of Wilbekin and resuscitate the print voice of our culture of music, film, fashion, and technology! This Smith chick stated to Cipha and Rosenberg that Plies was the future of Hip Hop (no diss to Plies), but WTF. I hope the powers of Quincy are able to survive the turmoil and downswing. I mean why not divorce Smith and bring on her husband who in my opinion was the best EIC in hip hop culture of the last 10yrs.

  • lawnshampoo

    I cancelled my subscription to Vibe back in ’02 after Jam Master Jay died and they only gave him a last pg blk & white photo and Justin Tiberlake was on the cover!!!

  • Lois Lane

    Don’t blame the editor; all magazines and newspapers are struggling now. The economy is the main reason; the close second is readers gravitating to the web. I suspect that Vibe’s original audience matured and is no longer into hip-hop, and the younger readers who are go to the web to keep up instead of buying the magazine. So, maybe the magazine’s audience just kind of disappeared.

    But if almost half of Vibe’s pages are ads, sounds like they’re not doing too badly. I’d be very susprised if they declared bankruptcy.

  • tori

    all magazines are failing, even the old dogs. danyel is talented and a great writer. she cannot control the fact that the talent pool is all pop and no hip hop.

  • http://missjones.net Orlando Brown

    How come Vibe is slipping an King, Slam, and other black run mags are folding and white owned black magazine Complex is still thriving? It’s the same thing with hip hop clothing lines owned by blacks, Fubu, Karl Kani, Mark Malone, Cross Colours all folded, yet Ecko Unlimited is still in the game. NOTE Complex and Ecko is owned by Marc Ecko, I’ll never buy or subscribe to any of his fakeness while true black culture keeps on getting the axe.

  • Insider Speak

    It’s not going down b/c of the economy. Insider here. I can confirm that the reason why Vibe’s content is unoriginal and superficial is because of Danyel Smith’s editorial choices. She’s also one hell of a bully her staffers secretly hate working for and kiss up to to keep their place. The turnaround – people quitting – over there is ridiculous. It’s time for a new EIC there for sure.

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