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Looks like a slizzard Cuba Gooding, Jr. was the life of the party at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Gala in the Bahamas.

Fill in the Blank: You would describe Cuba Gooding Jr.’s dancing as ____________________________.

View more pics from the Gala under the hood…

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  • lovey

    i LOVE my people. so fabulous!

  • You

    You would describe Cuba Gooding Jr.’s dancing as:


  • blogpassion

    He’s getting his drink on…lol He should be concentrating on making a GOOD film.

  • M. DOT

    Ummm, what are Boris and Gabrielle doing?

  • Harlem Chic


    What a dud!

  • dee

    “in my best becky voice”

    gee golly he looks like he’s having a blast.

  • Funter

    Have u guys heard that he ever appeared on the hot diversely ethnic singles club Interracialchatting Dcom when he was single? I heard of this around some famous gossip sites.

  • Bird

    I would describe his dancing as on point. He might not be able to make a hit to save his life, but the brotha is a dancer from way back.

  • Dalia

    Y’all leave Cuba alone cause he’s got to get some attention or people will forget about him.

    And as far as Nicole Scherzinger is concerned, she absolutely CANNOT sing and she shouldn’t have been invited to warble at any function!

  • Spree

    Cuba looks a h.a.m… and why talk about Nicole like that and not mention Ashanti- they were both just eye-candy!!!

  • arasiam

    stepin fechit! coontastical, shuck and jive, stereoptype. and all the crackas in the back laughing at his monkey ass.

  • Skittles

    Uh…is Boris still married to Nicole???? He’s seems to be awfully close to Gabby and on more than one occasion! Gabby is just two snaps away from Kim K. without the “letmejustlayhereandmoan” flick.

  • Skittles

    He seems. lol

  • andie

    white boy frat house dancing.

  • Siddhartha

    boris so fine

  • Don Boogie

    You know Mike was hitting a gang of D-list ass that weekend.

  • Fresh Perspectice

    Gabby is everywhere, yet does nothing.

  • Shootingstar

    Cuba: “Is all the white peoples laughin’

    yet? I’se gettin to it. I’se gettin to it!”

  • GA Gal

    I’m more concerned over the types of germs Gabby is getting standing so close to Kid Rock. Ugh

  • Savvy

    Cuba is str8 loose off that goose (n cranberry).

    that goose’ll do it to ya all the time…loosey goosey! lol

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    Negro sit your drunk a– down.

  • Strong Black Man

    lol damn he really want to be like Mike…from wearing that autographed underwear to given unwanted toasts, this dude is holding mike’s pocket…

  • Ray

    Straight “Coon”ery. Why is he always shuckin and jivin at every event. I’m surpised he’s still invited.

  • dayg715

    who cares! look at that bulge!

  • persona

    Gabby and Boris would TOTALLY make a cute couple. Too bad he’s married.

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