The Complete History Of Scandal Leaving Us Absolutely Edgeless

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Complete History Of Scandal Leaving Us Absolutely Edgeless

We’ve all been there. Waking up on Friday morning, looking in the mirror and seeing a severe lack of edges. Who do we have to thank for such a phenomenon? None other than Scandal. This show has given us life and taken it right back in the course of an hour every week. Here are some of the most egregiously edge-snatching-est moments of all time.

That first time we saw that Olivia was having an affair with Fitz

When Mellie faked having a miscarriage to help Fitz gain sympathy

When we found out Cyrus had gotten Amanda – Fitz’s side-piece killed

Did you know that Olivia was part of some Illuminati to group to rig Fitz’s Presidential election

Olivia and Fitz were giving each other the long strokes while writing the State Of The Union

When we all thought Mellie had Fitz shot in the head

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    Then Fitz woke up and killed a woman!

    When Cyrus pimped out his husband for an advantage, his husband found out and gave up the drawls anyway


    Mellie actually gave birth to Fitz’s brother-son because she was assaulted by his dad

    When Olivia was all ‘YOU GOTTA EARN ME’

    Then Fitz and Olivia got it on in a utility closet at a kid’s event

    Oh, hey, what about that time we found out Olivia’s dad was the leader of a super secret assassin group and didn’t know until Olivia was like “daddy”…?

    When Huck tortured Quinn and we all were happy because screw Quinn

    And then we found out that Fitz killed Olivia’s mom

    But, SURPRISE, Olivia’s mom isn’t even dead!

    Then they kidnapped Olivia and we didn’t know who did it and her edges weren’t laid and we were so scared!

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