Bugs Monkey Gets a New Grill

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

50 Cent has stepped up his dental hygiene game. It appears as though he has gotten himself a fresh pair of veneers. Def a good look for Mr. No Cents, but damn, we bet Cam’Ron is mad he can’t call him Bugs Monkey anymore.

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  • Damn

    Did he have a gap before? I can’t remember.

  • maky

    still didn’t make much difference. He is still an ape

  • chuchu

    wanted to be firstttttttttttt

  • Almost Famous

    its not a vast improvement but it is an improvement

  • YUP...its all there

    I think he has officially lost all his Street cred!

    so NOT gansta now…lol

  • Damn

    This must be an old pic, you can see the difference in the other photos.

  • chuchu

    i liked his ol look tho!

  • YUP...its all there

    aye, didn’t 50 once dogg lil kim for fixing her nose?

  • cocoa49

    he still has a beautiful smile and i hope he did this for himself and no one else. the man is a total package. damn!!

  • http://www.idontgivearatsass.com Bahama Mama

    uh, he’s still not attractive…veneers and all..lol where’s lloyd banks?

  • YUP...you got my attention

    well, 50 i ain’t hatin do ya thing homie.

    p.s. hit the studio and drop something new soon please.

  • imsounique

    This improvement was well overdue. I’m not a fan but he does look better. I always hated that bugs bunny look. He’s still a dickhead.

  • closetcolumnist

    i vote yes

  • Ara

    @ Yup…its all there all gansta get you is….DEAD it’s only a matter of time. Instead of street cred now he has American Express cred and more.

  • YUP...you got my attention


    what idiocraties that George Bush uses? ad the “uhh’s” and “hell’s”

    If we can have a complete idiot like George W Bush.

    i am sure Obama can use yo. and plus white people use “yo” alot too.

    I would rather have a prez that is youthful and in touch with younger as well as older generation than some stuffy old ignorant hillbilly

  • bree

    that is a step up..maybe next he can get a facial transplant..

    @ yup, you got my attention..where is the rest of that picture?

  • YUP...you got my attention


    I was simply pointing out how hypocritical these rappers are, and how they try so hard to create this hardcore image and hold on to this(fictious)street cred and now they taking trips to plastic surgeons and hollywood dentists….thats all.

  • YUP...you got my attention

    🙂 @bree

  • kigali

    i like gaps. They are cute. I wouldnt mind having one. Veneers look like cartoon teeth.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    I don’t like him musically. He sucks! But, I do think he looks SO much better with new teeth.

  • Lil'Momma

    Philly da boss: with veneers, they make a mold of your mouth, then they shave down the original teeth and put porcelain teeth over the old ones. It’s painless, I had my four front teeth done.

  • And What?

    Hhmmm…’Yup..you got my attention’….Care to share what your looking at in your pic!?

  • Gurrrrllll Stop playin!!!!

    I am glad he took his behind to the dentist…now if we could get other people to do the same….

    LOL @ And What? I would like to know what he ( Yup…you got my) is looking at too…

  • TT

    Yall are ignorant for saying he is going to loose his street cred!! Going to the dentist is part of a person w/dental insurance life ususally twice a year!!

  • YUP...you got my attention

    most people in the hood can’t afford the dentist. I didn’t go to the dentist regularly until i started working at 18. (lucky for me i didn’t like sweets and candy)My family was poor and we could only afford the basics, going to dentist and doctor every six months…that was a luxery.

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