Career Game Plans Faltered

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Tracey Edmonds attempt to get in where she fit in in regards to her career game failed. Obviously she was just marrying Eddie for money and other conveniences and it’s now coming out that their nuptials never happened because Tracey refused to sign a pre-nup. We guess Eddie is not as dumb as he looks.

“When it came down to the legal marriage, Tracey wouldn’t sign a prenup.”

Poor thang. Now she will just have to find another sucker to wed. We’re sure it won’t be too hard, all she has to do is put that nice juicy rack on display.

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  • Baby Please

    I doubt she was gold-digging. She has dough.

  • Baby Please

    “We guess Eddie is not as dumb as he looks.”

    Really? Making a baby with Mel B musta been a genius move, I suppose.

  • ReBeL

    She looks Great!

  • Time Tells it All

    This woman has a master’s degree from Stanford in business. I pray she is relying on that rather than her rack.

  • afafas

    What kind of skank doesn’t sign a pre-nup. If she “really” loved the dude, she would have no problem signing one…


  • afafas

    Oh, please “she has dough”, yeah, Babyface’s dough. That skank married her way into money, and she tries to pretend that she’s a “business woman”. Most women that have money, have to get it off the backs of men, because their not capable of getting it themselves.


  • Stringer Bell

    @ afafas

    Chuch! Lets not forget this girls huslte from day one. She was a video chick in Babyfaces video when the met first and the rest is history.. this girl is all about that paper!

  • Golden Shoes

    To afafas,

    Please open a book and do research on the number of professional women who make 6 figures on their own

    Please check to review the number of female business owners and CEO’s

    Please do a google search for Female owned businesses compared to male owned businesses

    Please check the enrollment statics for female vs male college students and graduates.

    In conclusion I must say your statements indicate that you are a weak broke back Mutherfugger!

  • bree

    well what was in the pre-nup?.. i bet he was trying to do more then just hold on to his cash

  • Baby Please

    Regardless of the source of her dough — yeah, even if it is Baby Face’s dough — she has it.

    It seems unlikely she’d have to marry Eddie Murhpy for money.

  • Baby Please

    LOL @ Golden Shoes!

  • Gary Coleman


  • Golden Shoes

    To stringer, agreeing with Dummies makes you a dummie also!

    Once again one female making her money on her back does not represent all females! Just like you and ignorant Afafas do not represent all men. Thank You to God for that

  • ms jazz

    She is looking good lately, but apparently not NO PRE-NUP good to Eddie. He dont have to worry about that type thing with his boy toy J.G.

  • Golden Shoes

    @ Baby Please I liked that older black women as your avator and then Bette Davis.

    Baby Please and Girl Bye!!!!!!!!!

  • The Honorable Senator Craig

    Wow … degree or not, as long as she’s on her back, earning those stacks …

  • Big Meech is Snitching

    Eddie my be an undercover homo and all but he is an old school player at this point. He ain’t splittin’ his paper with that old ho. If young spice girl couldn’t get the money and she had his baby then you know Tracey’s old as wasn’t gonna get none.

  • got my attention

    who is Jazz?….lol

    i guess i am curious becuz someone has posted a website link…wow i never seen that done before….(smiles sarcastically)

  • LuvlyOne

    doesn’t she produce alot of shows for BET?

  • kai

    LMFAO ROFL @Marquis. Your whole comment was uncouth lol and you have the nerve to type “uncouth”. Yer funnieee!

  • think quick

    Video chick working all her assets. I aint mad at her. In terms of Eddie pleaz, he isnt an old playa, he is an old fag. Maybe tracey thaought she looked the other way about Eddie and Johnny, he would share his money like he did with Nicole,lol. And he is paying Mel B for that baby, hasnt seen her, but has to pay..

  • Brokey McPoverty

    golddiggin or not, i know johnny gill is jumpin for joy over all this right about now.

  • weezy

    She has her own company and money and she is “educated” and regulates herself to the same ol’ video ho come up. I put her and superhead in the same category.

  • Bahama Mama

    @ Marquis

    um did u not get enough oxygen to ur brain when u were born?

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