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Gynecologist Helps Patients Find Their G-Spot Then Has Sex With Them

This sounds like something you would see on one of those freaky flicks….

Via Gawker reports:

The Ohio state medical board has moved to strip Dr. Kurt Froehlich of his medical license after he admitted to having inappropriate relationships with two patients. According to state records obtained by the Smoking Gun, Froehlich had sexual encounters with both women after showing them where their G-spots were.

Both women Froehlich became involved with work at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati, where Froehlich “performed 98 percent of his deliveries.”

Froehlich , 48, testified to the medical board that he had known and worked with “Patient 1” for about five years when she came to him as a patient in 2010. During a appointment, she apparently asked him to show her where the G-spot is located, and he obliged, but “did not stimulate Patient 1 to orgasm at that time.”

But Froehlich and “Patient 1” would soon meet again. From the Smoking Gun:

During a subsequent meeting at the hospital, Froehlich testified, “Patient 1” again asked him to locate her “G-spot.” “Dr. Froehlich acknowledged that he stimulated her to orgasm in a call room of the hospital on that occasion,” medical board records note. A week later, Froehlich had sex with the woman at the hospital. “The next day when I made rounds, I just said that she’s married, I’m married, we shouldn’t be doing this, this is not the person who I want to be; she agreed,” testified Froehlich, who admitted that he was aware at the time of the sexual encounters that they were inappropriate.

Two years later, Froehlich had a brief encounter with “Patient 2,” again at the hospital where he worked. “There was also a girl who was a patient who I showed where her G-spot was, I also saw her at the hospital and stimulated her to orgasm,” he testified. “We did not have sex and it was a very brief relationship.”

According to the Smoking Gun, additional evidence considered in revoking Froehlich’s medical license included his 2013 no contest plea to assaulting a medical assistant:

The woman testified that Froehlich slipped his hand under her shirt and groped her breast one night in his office. He also allegedly sought to shove his hand down her pants.

“Any time you have questions or concerns please ask,” Froehlich’s practice’s website implores. “There are no stupid questions, so if it’s on your mind ask.”

This is why it’s important to stick to gynecology as a hobby rather than a profession!


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