Baby Daddy Drama: Unemployed British Man Has 26 Children By 15 Different Women [Video]

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Man Fathers 26 Children By 15 Women

A British man is making international headlines for fathering 14 daughters and 12 sons between the ages of 4 and 44 by 15 different women.

The unemployed dad,64-year-old Peter Rolfe, is now fighting to keep his benefits for his brood after being accused of “operating the system to his advantage.”

The Mirror reports:

A father-of-26 dubbed ‘Britain’s most feckless father’ said his job as a bouncer was the reason why he has such a large number of children.

He claims he used to choose between ‘the pick of the women’ when he was a doorman.

Peter said he used to go home with a different women ‘every night’ working as a doorman and admitted he wasn’t acting ‘responsibly’.

But he ‘regrets’ his former lifestyle and admits he is ‘ashamed’ because he has let his children down.

Mr Rolfe sparked outrage when he recently moved into a five-bedroom house -funded by taxpayers’ money – on the Isle of Wight with seven of his children.

Speaking from his new home in Newport, he said: “If I would have been responsible, which I should have been, I would not have fathered this amount of children.

Peter claimed his former property, which he moved into in September 2011, was ‘too small’ for his family.

Incredibly, when he complained to the Local Government Ombudsman, it ruled that the council should pay him £1,000 for the ‘serious injustice’ his family had suffered.

But the council is refusing to pay him it because it says he ‘operated the system to his advantage’ and any payment would have to come out of its homelessness prevention budget.

One-eyed Mr Rolfe, who walks with a stick, has appeared on Channel 5’s Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole last year and ITV’s This Morning.

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe branded him Britain’s most feckless father and said he does not deserve a tent, let alone a council house.

Mr Rolfe says he is a single father trying to raise his children and is entitled to his benefits.


SMH…what do YOU think about this reformed casanova trying to get help for his kids???

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