#DonaldForSpiderman?? Fans Call For African American/Hispanic Miles Morales To Be Next Spiderman

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Marvel Fans Want Miles Morales Played By Donald Glover To Be Next Spiderman

Should Donald Glover be the next Spiderman??

Via The Verge reports:

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures brokered one of the biggest deals in cinema history last night. Going forward, Spider-Man will join Captain America and Iron Man as a proud member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

That this move is a game-changer cannot be understated. After slogging through a botched Sony reboot, audiences can finally expect Spidey, one of the most esteemed — and valuable — superheroes ever created, to take his rightful place beside the Avengers. As Marvel’s statement reads, “Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios share a love for the characters in the Spider-Man universe and have a long, successful history of working together. This new level of collaboration is the perfect way to take Peter Parker’s story into the future.” There’s just one problem: With Andrew Garfield allegedly out, we don’t need Peter Parker at the movies anymore. We need Miles Morales.

Who’s Miles Morales? (Minor spoiler alert.) He’s the Spider-Man of Marvel’s Ultimate comics imprint, a half-black, half-Latino 13-year-old who took on the role of Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s death at the hands of the Green Goblin in 2011. He’s also the Spider-Man who deserves a place in the MCU.

Now, no one can question that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are inexorably linked and have been for more than half a century. That said, Miles Morales as a character is something fresher, and he’s someone who’s more than just Peter Parker’s successor. It took Parker dying for Miles to take up the mantle, and he has come into his own as a superhero in the years since, complete with a supporting cast and rogues’ gallery that’s grown up and out of Peter’s. He’s lost loved ones and triumphed over adversity just like the original Spidey did, but he’s not at all a carbon copy of what came before. He’s something new, all while being an extension of everything that made Parker great to begin with.

But most important is the fact that Miles Morales represents the future of comics, not just of Spider-Man, and that future needs to live on movie screens. It was no accident that the #donald4spiderman campaign gained such momentum back in 2010, right before the first reboot. If you imagined Donald Glover as Spider-Man then, try it again now. If 2012 wasn’t the right moment, now is. Peter Parker doesn’t have to look like a white guy from Forest Hills, Queens. He can be a Black Hispanic kid from Brooklyn, right alongside a kooky Japanese motorcycle racer with a giant robot. The point is, he can be anyone, and we’ll still know that with great power must also come great responsibility.

Marvel must know it has a heavy duty when it comes to the people it chooses to play its superheroes. At a time when comics companies are collectively getting better at acknowledging their entire fanbases on the page, they shouldn’t be slow-footed in theaters. And steps have already been made; Fox execs already cast Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Just because they could. Studios should be willing to take these risks, and now’s the time. Whoever Marvel and Sony choose to play Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get to play one of the finest superheroes out there, likely for years to come, and that’s a tremendous honor. Still, aren’t we ready for something different?

Many fans have already thrown hearthrob and A-List actor Donald Glover into the ring to play the next Spidey…

Do you think the Marvel Universe is ready for a Black and Hispanic Spiderman?? Hit the flip for more…

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