Disconnect: 13 Signs Your Cell Phone Is Ruining Your Relationship

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13 Signs Your Cell Phone Is Ruining Your Relationship

One of the biggest problems in relationships sits in the palm of your hands. Yes, cell phones can ruin everything in the blink of an eye. Don’t believe us? Just look at these things you’re doing and how they can damage your relationship.

You send messages and delete them so your significant other won’t see them

When you’re out on a date, you keep your phone on the table. You’re not paying attention to your boo.

If you are afraid to leave your phone alone in the room with your significant other

Does your significant other ask you what you’re doing on your phone or ask who you’re talking to? There’s trust issues there.

You don’t go places you know you won’t have cell phone service in.

You wear a cell phone clip. Because clearly you don’t have a relationship and won’t ever have one.

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    Also, bluetooth ear pieces. You don’t deserve a relationship if you wear one.

    You check your cell phone in the morning before you speak to your significant other.

    You keep your phone in the bed with you and your boo. It’s always a distraction.

    You stop in the middle of getting it on when your phone rings. Yeah, don’t do that.

    You keep your phone on silent when you’re with your significant other. It seems like you don’t want to get caught on the phone.

    You use your phone to like random people’s Instagram pics.

    You have two cell phones. And one of them is where you do your dirt. Not good.

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