Flashback Tears: 13 Classic TV Episodes That Still Make Us Cry

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13 Classic TV Episodes That Still Make Us Cry

Remember the classics? Remember how much we loved TV back in the day? But every once in a while they’d make us cry like little kids. These are some of those episodes.

When Will Smith was like “How come he don’t want me?”

That time Will got shot and Carlton wanted to ride out on his enemies.

When Uncle Phil had his heart attack and we thought he was going to die

When they had to say goodbye to soldiers on “A Different World”

When ‘Different World’ tackled domestic violence and we all wanted to call our best friends and make sure they were okay.

The final episode of ‘Different World’ definitely had us in tears.

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    When they cracked Eddie Winslow’s head on the back of the bus in that gang episode of ‘Family Matters’

    When they killed, like, everyone on New York Undercover

    The last episode of the Cosby Show had us feeling the pollen, too.

    Then there was the time Martin told Gina “get ta stepping” and we thought they were broken up. You didn’t cry?

    When James died. DAMN. DAMN. DAMN.

    When Penny was getting abused.

    Every damn episode of Roc ever

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