Usher III Passed Away

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Usher’s dad, Usher Raymond III (not Ben Vereen) passed away on Friday in a hospital in Atlanta, GA and the cause of death is still unknown. At least little Usher V got to see his grandfather before he died. R.I.P.


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  • Lisa

    Sad news. Hopefully Usher and family will pull through this.

  • Lady

    Wow 1st lol, i know im lame that…. Anyways, i send my regards to u and urs usher…

  • Lady

    I guess not…lol

  • ladyd

    God be with Usher and his family during this time.

  • huh

    shouldn’t it be Usher the first not third. I thought his baby was the third? guess not

  • Bird

    I hope you didn’t get this story from Media Fakeout.

  • The Honorable Senator Craig

    RIP, Usher Sr.

  • Soul Cry


  • SMH

    Usher (the superstar) is Usher Raymond IV, which makes his father Usher Raymond III. Usher’s son is Usher Raymond V.

  • Keif K


  • http://u HOTSTUFF


  • SW10

    omg when i read the heading i thought it was the baby. hopefully he will get through this tough time well and healthy. RIP

  • tintin

    very sad. r.i.p

  • Mississippi Girl

    Ok so am I the only one that doesnt get Ben Vereen? Who is that?

    My condolences to Usher and his family.

  • chewy

    Who doesn’t know Ben Vereen? Broadway dancer and actor. He was Chicken George in ROOTS, had appearances in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Webster, and a whole bumch of others.

  • ME

    Hmmm….that’s odd. I saw Usher out bowling with Polow, Jeezy and other celebs on Sunday night. I guess he had to get away…. RIP Usher’s dad!

  • bree

    Usher’s dad, Usher Raymond III (not Ben Vereen) <–LMFAO!..completely inappropriate but it tickled my fancy

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I wonder if Usher and his dad still had a relationship.

    R.I.P Sr.

  • mrs raymond not usher wife lol

    if you guys dont know is not usher godfather that deied its his dad usher the3rd pass away usher the forth is still alive and he named his son usher the v everybody keep saying that his godfather pasway he is very murch alive. you got it all mixes up in every here. and every website i go in said the same thing. shm of all of you guys in all the websites.

  • marla williams

    this happens in my family everytime we have a new birth someone Passes away! RIP Usher III all of my prayers go out to Usher and his family…

  • rachel & lil sis

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  • sydni

    yeah i was a bit confused by the headline! Glad to see it wasnt the baby.

  • baeyaki

    rachel, be quiet please…noone said anything about tameka!

  • mrs raymond not usher wife lol

    oh borther who ever said that usher baby died they are dead wrong. and not a fan of him at all they need to get it right before they typ in here.

  • Bukmacher

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