Jesus Take The Wheel, Please

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Posted by Bossip Staff

UK tabloid, The Sun, has photographs of Amy Winehouse hittin the pipe. Damn, when is someone gonna step in and help her out? These rock addictions are no joke. So much for her going to rehab after New Year’s. That’s just like a fiend, saying “Oh I’ll go to rehab after I party one last time.” It’s been almost a month since New Year’s Eve. SMH.

Video of her smoking rocks is under the hood

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    ???? WTF

  • idontknow


    this woman needs help. its a great shame because she is talented.

    people need to start realising its an addiction so stop with the hate already. its harder to get off the habit, especially when you got an endless supply of money to fund it.

  • Soul Cry

    …geez…I hope that’s herb she’s smokin’….

    Amy, you’re so talented…stay away from the rocks and the powder baby girl…



  • Taj

    Damn…such a talent, and wasting it all. Can’t judge her too much, though…we’ve all had addictions; I know I have…but not like that. 😦

  • Soul Cry

    There is a video on YouTube (and D-Listed)…smoking…snorting…and asking about her damn cat.

  • Soul Cry

    Oh wow…so sorry guys *blush*…computer glitch…

    *exiting room now*

  • mr mr

    that is sad….

    but I have to agree with an earlier comment…..

    we have to remember that she has a problem, addiction is real

    so instead of attacking her, let’s hope she gets help SOON…

    an addictive personality is bad enough…add $ to that, and the addiction is damn near unbreakable!

  • Bones Jordan, Paige's man who no longer says nigger or any variation of....

    I hope she gets some help.

  • That Ain't Right!

    Daaaaaanng Amy! Did you learn nathin from Whit Whit? Girl you know that crack is whack!!

  • andrea

    yeah, i saw this on perez hilton yesterday. it’s a damn shame that someone can just throw their talents and career away. does she even realize that there are so many people who want to be in her profession and here she is just putting it all in the trash can. it might sound harsh buti have noooo sympathy for her at all if she is not willing to help herself out of this mess.

  • Naw Son

    Now we can officially call her Amy CRACK HOUSE

  • andrea

    also, on another note she really needs to be careful with who she hangs out with. i would be furious to know someone secretly videotaped me…especially if it was someone i considered a friend or associate. it really enforces the notion that you can’t really trust people in the hollywood scene.

  • Chris1

    I will pray for Amy. She is a talented singer that brought a fresh prospective to music. I hope for her health and her life that she can get it together.

  • Nita

    she’s lucky she’s white.

    and she needs substantial help. she really does have talent. she needs help off the rock.

  • Bird

    These pics are pretty useless. We all knew Amy was on the pipe anyway.

  • kai

    Why do yall act like this is some new/once in a lifetime thing? Im surprised at the people saying they never seen someone hitting the crackpipe and such. Its disgusting, but that is the reality of things. Where do you guys live? She been hittin rocks for years now..

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Another episode of “Crackhead’s Gone Wild”…

    Next week someone is gonna release a video of Whitney & Bobby hittin’ the pipe…

  • Lady

    Call me what u want.. I just have no remorse for drug addicts.. Weak minded people that have lost there soul.. They are not human beings.. Theyre the walking dead..

    It amazes me that something can completely take over ur mind, ur body, ur soul and ur life purpose is to chase a high.. To have a strong mind is better than any drug.. That to me is euphoria at it best..

  • Lady

    Just like that new show “celebrity rehab w/ Dr drew).. Soon as they get upset, they start feenin & making a scene… Weak minds cant handle life… So they take the easy route…

  • Its Me

    We have our own Pipe heads in the U.S – We don’t need to go international

  • Denebolo

    I couldn’t understand a damn thing she said. And I agree with Bird, showing the video is a moot point.

  • Lauren

    LOL @ MSWIN…I hear you witht he prayers and all but thats what Celeb gossip is…If she wasn’t famous nobody would give a crap, but since she is she should clean herself up and be more of a role model, it all comes with the territory.

  • Lauren

    @ Lady…isn’t it an Overload, when will people STOP caring about these girls? Because I’m ready.

  • Lady

    Theres a difference (a very thin difference) between judging, or having ur own opinion.. My view on this subject simply my opnion.. With that being said, go figure….

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