T.I. Breaks Down a Positive Message Before Prison Sentence

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T.I. is about to be behind bars for a year long sentence. Today he’s blogging about living a better life and putting the guns down for good. Check out his most recent blog post via Global Grind

In a few weeks, I will begin a one-year prison sentence for being in the possession of illegal firearms. Where I come from, having a gun is just part of everyday life. But, through this painful process of going to court and being convicted, I realized that I had to make a change. I made some bad decisions. I broke the law and will accept my punishment. With deep reflection about where my life was headed, I have begun the process of redemption, and decided that before I go to prison, I want to speak to young people about responsibility as a lifestyle. I hope that through my mistakes, young people can begin to learn, as I did, that we have to put our guns down and start to give our guns back. It pains me inside to hear about so many of our people dying because of gun violence. Just in the past weeks, a 13-year old boy was shot in the head in Harlem, a 17 and 19-year old were murdered in a double homicide in Queens and a 15 year old was chased, beaten, shot and burned in Chicago.

We will gather today in Harlem, with many mentors and supporters by my side, including Rev. Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles, Political Swagger, Mobile Regime and the C.H.A.N.G.E. Initiative to share the message that now is the time. Now is the time to speak out against gun violence. Now is the time to take responsibility for our actions. Now is the time to make our communities safer. Now is the time to support good legislation, like the S.N.U.G. bill in NY. Now is the time to give back our guns. Now is the time for me to lead by example.

We can and we will do better.


For more information on the “Responsibility is a Lifestyle: It’s Time to Bury Da Beef” visit: http://www.TheKINGFoundation.com or text KING to 878787

We are glad that T.I. is sending out the right messages and showing his young fans the consequences of living life on the wrong side of the tracks.

via Global Grind

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    Nicca got caught up, now he is on postive vibe. WHATEVER!



  • Love Is The Answer

    Good Job T.I.

  • Jane Doe

    smh… hasn’t he gone in prison yet??? whats he waiting for… he needs to hurry up and hand himself over the sooner he goes in the sooner he can come out. All hes doing is time wasting he could have been out by now the time he spent talking about it.


    thats right kiddies t.i. is telling the truth.all yall fake thugs read a book and learn how to communicate properly and maybe i’ll give you an interview.

  • @strange program

    Here we go with that crabs in a barrell mentality. A black man can try to do good without another coming to bring him back down. Sit your hating behind down somewhere. He learned from his mistakes and is taking responsiblity…what have you down to lift up your community lately. What have you done to speak out against the growing violence in our communities. NOTHING!! Keep it closed or Keep it Moving.

  • http://www.imeem.com/mrslatiayates missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    Regardless of whatever it was (Philant’s death/gun charges/all those kids)that is making T.I. reevaluate his life, and what he is putting out in the atmosphere, I applaud the change. He’s being a MAN, and attempting to stand for something other than the f*cking okey doke, and folks blast him for it. Regardless of what you think of him personally, you have to give the man props for talking that good shyt to the kiddies. Whether you do or not, kids look up to these rappers/fools. At least he has something worth listening to…. I give him mad props..

  • t.i.

    he can do whatever he likes

  • http://bossip ImJustSayn

    @ Jane Doe beyotch STFU lets see u rush to go to prision who RUSH to go 2 prision & since u all in the bi u would know that he is suppose to leave on 05/19 & @ strange problem it is NOT yours or anybody else place to judge or say when he shoulda start being positive its the fact that he is making the attempt to make some changes and learn from his mistake thats something only a real man would do! it shows he is finally becoming a man and a adult which is obvouisly something u r not! anyway good look tip!

  • ATLBlogger

    I’m glad to hear that he is a changed man. I just hope he doesn’t goes back on his words. Especially after speaking to all these kids who looks up to him.

  • tb

    EVeryone guy screams change when he is going to jail and when he gets out he goes back on his grind.

  • Keedie

    I love him even more now… He is so bout his business.

  • Snkrfetish

    Shout out TIP!! Keep doing what you do. If you only change one life, evrything has its purpose. See you when you get home…

  • brooklyn kid

    This is a bright young man – this was a tough lesson, but he will become a better human being – father – and hopefully husband. Tiny will hold him down.

  • leeha

    What I want to know is What is the S.N.U.G bill. I googled it and found nothing except articles for that blanket/jacket.

  • http://Bossip :-D

    If he’s able to see the positive beyond and inspite of all the self-hate and lack of respect and love among us, right in the midst of his entry into the clinger, I applaud his efforts in helping the average young knucklehead bring something of meaning to his thoughts than the idiotic nonsense that permeates their brains. Much Love to You, T.I.


    @ tb my point exactly. Fore we get all misty eyed bout TI as bein a changed man, lets see what he does and how he act when he get out da slammer 🙂


    I do give him credit for bein smart and knowing just how to play dis shit. Props for dat!


    Funny how a potential long azz jail sentence can make a nicca wanna do good in da world SMH.

  • Love Is The Answer

    What you people say about this man has no relevance. You sit behind your computers and pass judgement you need to look in the mirror.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    @Leeha The snug bill is S Stop N Ni$$gers from U Useing G Guns or SNUG Stop Necking w/Ugly Girls or Stop Ni%%ers Uttering Ghettoese or Shoot Ni%%gers useing Guns— Take your pick?

  • Love Is The Answer

    Ski whatever you are ignorant.

  • Ian P

    Why does positive messages always come when you get caught, convicted, and sentenced?



  • dont worry abt it

    first of all, much luv and respect to tip for speaking out and takin responsibility as so many people in his position do not. Regardless of how and y he’s sending this message is not the point..the point is that clearly we as a black community continue to tear each other down and kill each other on a day to day basis and people, especially blacks, don’t c a problem with that. He is one of a handful of rap artists and artists in general who r trying to send a positive message out to our kids and community and it is commended. some black ppl always look for the negative and hav nothin but negative things to say even in a positive situation. Yes he’s goin to jail, but at least he’s owning up to his responsibility and trynna make the best of a situation by actually trying to help others n do somethin positive. how many of u can say the same? I think its truly sad that some ppl rather criticize, even with a topic abt our ppl dying and killing each other but will b so quick to support the negativity that bring us down as a culture everyday. We are the only ones who do that. Every other culture at least support their own culture. Its trult maddening and we hav got to do better. May God bless us all. Good day

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