Bill Clinton Gets Some Shut-Eye

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is clip of Bill Clinton falling asleep at an MLK speech. All we can say was that was just a bit blatant. He could’ve tried just a wee bit harder to seemed like he was interested.

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  • Strong Black Man

    lol what a schmuck this guy is…

  • The One


  • estmirabilis

    if he is so tired, why did he sit up there? he should have just made his speech and then quietly exited the building and have his PR person say he had “other obligations to attend to” or something…i feel bad for him trying to stay awake in front of all those people. i would have drifted off too. he’s only human.

  • mr mr

    i was there (Ebenezer Bapist Church, Atlanta, GA) and I fell asleep ALSO….Hell, they keptus in church ALL DAY!

  • Gary Coleman's Gap Pants

    omfg that’s hilarius. he’s got that nodding off but jerking awake type sleep going on…like my nobodys-looking-at-work-but-i-gotta-keep-an-eye-out-cuz-the-boss-might-be-coming-soon snooze.

    but seriously, i only got one question to ask…after all that’s been happening lately with clinton, what do yall really think about the ‘first black president’ now?


  • Cage

    Well first of all they failed to inform us just how long this speech was. And second, Bill is STILL a white man no matter how much we related to him gettin some head in the oval office.. A white person could never understand what its like to be black; it’s like trying to describe a color to a person born blind.

  • csvmom

    I guess Bill Clinton has a dream too………

  • Kenya

    You can’t trust black people. I am glad and proud of George Bush, he knew that from the beginning. You can do a lot of stuffs for black people but they will forget in a second. Put you in a trash bag. How can negros choose Obama over Clinton? Obama never did anything for black community, probably will never do anything. It is just amazing. I read one article/reaserch one day that black people IQ is very low compare to white. I guess the guy was right. Sometimes I ask people why they like Obama? Most of them just say that they need change. If you ask them what changes do they expect, nobody knows. Poor black people. No wonder why no black people own even a conrner store. All these big names like camel, Didy etc, they are satisfied to be the image of white people business. I think if you believe on revolutions, back people are still monkeys, they just need some bananas and jump on the trees. I looking forward to see how many monkeys will vote against HIlary today.

  • Kenya

    I always fall asleep when listening to black folks’ speech like Obama.

  • Dolla Bill

    And people say Bill’s the first black president. I just find it funny how both of the Clintons are now showing their true colors. SMH

  • closetcolumnist

    and we expected something better? please.

  • becks

    Does anyone else think this guy doesn’t even look like Bill Clinton…

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    OMG, I’m ROFLMAO @ Bill…he was seriously nodding. See, I understand, I’ve been in church too when that “sleep demon” grabs hold,it’s HARD to stay awake. Sometimes, it just comes out of the blue and it’s hard to shake. Hmmm, maybe he should have sat up straight instead of just leaning on his hands.

  • CharliStar

    I thought that it didn’t look like Bill for a split second, but it’s him. I feel him though. I probably would have been ready to bounce after sitting there all day. He did a lot more for black people than George Bush. The economy was a lot stronger. We didn’t have to use zip lock bags going through security at the airport. The housing market was strong. I am not hating on Bill for almost falling asleep. I am sure he was not the only one. Would it have mattered if he was Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? Why should black people get a pass? I’m just sayin….

    And as for Kenya’s message…HO SIT DOWN! I have no response for the ignorance in that comment.

  • FyreStarrter

    lol I was there too & in all fairness to Bill I was nodding myself. MLK III can be a bit of a snoozer when he wants to be lol. And also the man has been traveling NON-STOP stumping & campaigning for Hillary & am suite sure he is EXHAUSTED. I do agree that he should have tried to have himself excused but obviously unless it was a national emergency lol it would look REALLY bad to exit stage left during MLK III’s speech lol!!!

  • OG Juan

    them services do be long as hell i dont blame bill i wud of probably did the same thing

  • Yeah Okay

    That was not Bill Clinton

  • Gary Coleman's Gap Pants


    i disagree with your comment completely, in today’s day and age, whether you want to admit it or not, white people are more openly prejuidiced against then black people. Sure, there is still the KKK, what happened in Jena 6 was horrible, and Don Imus’ comments were unnecessary, but for the most part, white people are so damned afraid of rufflin’ the black folks feathers that they’re just steppin on eggshells! Moral of the story, white people are just as prejuidiced against now as black people are, and have ever been back then. Throw in a little poverty, drug use, violence, and bad family situations, and I’d say white people can know EXACTLY how most black people live (i’m guessing this is the enviroment you implied)…And believe me, there are many, many white people living this reality everyday.

  • kai

    lol…he shouldnt have went

  • FyreStarrter

    oh & yes that is the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton, he is in his usual spot when he comes to Ebeneezer. Plus the man has lost ALOT of weight & is still managing to keep it off. As far as what is happening politically is he supposed to SUPPORT Obama because he does openly support black people? It just so happens his WIFE is running too so where is his loyalty suppose to be? Put yourself in his shoes for ONE second. What decision would YOU make?

  • miami man

    Obama spent years working in the inner city, while Hillary was on the board of Wal mart. Obama has just as much legislative experience as Hillary, who didn’t even have clearence to view intelligence files in the White House. Her “experience” argument is way overstated. Its funny how Toni Morrison took the worst parts of being a black man, and proclaimed Bill a brother; lying, smoking weed, whoring around, cheating, etc. Yet, the real black man is faithful, raising his family, hardworking, honorable, intelligent and dignified; his name is Barack.

  • FyreStarrter

    @Yeah Okay… lol I know he look different because he has lost ALOT of weight but TRUST I was there, that was him & MLK was LONG in the TOOTH lol! I think we ALL wanted to take a nap at that point!!!

  • Nish

    LMMFAO, Come on now, we all know that some southern preachers can be long winded. HAHAHA

  • World

    I wanted to fall asleep just looking at the clip but thats no disrespect to Dr. King.

  • Southern Belle 225

    yall know bill was still hung over from the night before and needed his rest!

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