Top 10 Signs Your Man is Gay

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Every woman needs to read this list and memorize it because these times we’re livin’ in, you just don’t know. What would you do if your man had five of these ten signs? Flip the script for more


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  • rocky


  • rocky

    if you questioning if your man is gay he is gay.

  • Caramel Cat


    if you questioning if your man is gay he is gay.


    lol, not necessarily. there were women that DIDN’T EVER question their men and turns out they were playing for the other team….just sayin’….

  • Grace12_34

    Funny, but I would think there would be more comments here about this. I guess a lot of people are in denial.

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    I think my neighbor is gay and he’s one of those buff be in the gym type of guys but he gotta girlfriend (I think she’s gay too…puahahaha) They have the Will and Jada thing going on…lmao!! And yes he do fit 4 out of 10 I know for sure…lol come out the closet for Pete’s sake!

  • damon


  • Its6amHoGetOut

    I love Jonathon Plummer. Look at his juicy lips ready for some action. It is all in the eyes. A gay man knows what another one needs. It is the best!!

    love 6am

  • pm

    ya every black man is suspect… so continue to date Ben and Jerry and your vibrator.. and complain about the white woman taken all the good ones..smh

  • Tee

    Jonathan and Punk look alot alike ..

  • Moreaces

    That list is lame

  • john hope franklin

    @ 6am and @ damon
    why dont yall come up with the real gay list so m/f’s can really see yall?
    yall should know it…

  • TheMan

    now str8 dudes are going to have to walk around looking like a bum just to prove he str8??? fuk is that about. Ladies you want a well put together dude and when he comes correct now he suspect? Black men just cant win in this world.

  • Re

    LOL @ John Hope Franklin…

    How are you this afternoon?

  • Re

    Extra LMAO @ Damon and the prison hair-braiding dilemma!!!

    I know a guy who was released from prison (works at the corner store) after 10 years…told me guys used to braid his hair all the time. Hard to imagine, but true.

    My hair dresser is a man, but he sexes up 70% of his clients…it’s quite gross, actually.

  • john hope franklin

    yo!! im maintaining pretty good this monday. 1st question-is that sea lion hungry or what? those two people look like his next lunch. lol.
    how are you today?

  • Re

    @John Hope Franklin

    Hey love, I’m alright…knocking out some work today so the man doesn’t fire me because of the quality of my work…;-)

    Oh, and that picture…well, my friends and I have an ongoing joke where we send google images to express how we’re feeling, and I stumbled across this one the other day…for reasons I can’t explain, I laughed so hard the first time I saw that picture…

    Smh. I’m a strange character.


    @ Re

    The men do the best hair…..I hate women hair….

    if a ninja is wearing lip gloss all glossy he gay….
    ask Riley….lol….and a man bag….that ninja gay…

  • Re


    Hey, you’re a Boondocks fan? Riley is one of my favorites…he’s a great combination of the modern day consumer…


    Nothing on this list really makes sense.I’m on maternity leave right now but working for the prison system the last 11 years,the only one that can braid a male inmates hair is ANOTHER MALE INMATE.THIS WILL PROVE NOTHING.
    A guy that knows fashion is probably just that-A guy who cares about how he looks.Should a man look like a mismatched bum just to prove his manhood?
    I hope no woman takes this list seriously because believe me,at least 80% of the male population would fit these descriptions.

  • Re

    Trains ARE 1990ish…but I met a girl in my dorm building who practices the craft…

  • john hope franklin

    when he messes up-call
    too much in common…

  • Re

    @john hope franklin

    Lol, are you the person I spoke to about “doom” not to long ago? Can’t remember…or was it X-Men? Either way, you’re right, we do 😉

  • pm

    your girl a dike, if her best female friend has a bald fade cleaner then yours.

  • BabyDoll2u


    First of all its quite obvious if you have to question your man’s sexuality then yo black azz dont need to be with him in the first place..if you have to QUESTION SOMETHING YOUR MAN/WOMAN AINT TELLING YOU..THEN WHERES THE TRUST AND LOYALTY IN THAT…MOVE THE HELL ON AND STOP WASTIN FOOLISH TIME. That sums up the phony azz list right there….MOVE THE HELL ON.

    Second off…theres no such things as signs…there too many damn ppl in this world to box up in behvaior wise….everybody is different if it was so damn easy to detect a GAY MAN A GAY WOMAN A MURDERER A RAPIST A CHILD MOLSESTOR A THEIF and so forth and so forth…dont you think this world will turn aloooot easier???

    Everybody will not be that damn obvious to a damn list of things when it comes to trying to discover something that is personal. If a person doesnt want you to know…you can look at every damn list in the world….BUT SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST THAT DAMN GOOD AT DISGUISING SECRETS THAT NO LIST CAN PINPOINT SOMETHING THAT IS VERY WELL KEPT HIDDEN….hell your eyes see it what makes there eyes want??? hell yor makin it easy for them to hide it…by lettin them know you DISCOVERED THERE WAYS. LMAO…how stupid.

    The best way to discover anything isnt by going by ANOTHER MAN OR WO-MAN assumption or funky list(HOW SILLY) there huMANs just like me and you…we dont know everything…but GOD do…and thats where you take your concerns and questions to…he will show and tell you everything you NEED TO KNOW….not some crappy list.

  • barb

    @ cat eyes…
    the only one that can braid a male inmates hair is ANOTHER MALE INMATE…
    to a TRULY straight man that means “ITS TIME FOR A HAIRCUT!!!”
    aint no two ways about that (no pun intended)!!

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