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Ummmmm WTF is this????

Seasalt & Co Racist Ad

A Florida based company is (rightfully) getting BLASTED on social media over an ad featuring a noose and a tree they’ve dubbed “the hanging tree.”

Seasalt & Co which specializes in photographic editing, posted the above photo this week on Twitter and Facebook of their forthcoming collection and quickly got shunned online.

In particular Rachel Stewart of Rachel Stewart Jewelry has been challenging the company for their disgustingly racist and horribly timed ad and got several (ridiculous azz) responses from them.

“I hate that by seeing a noose in a tree it triggers unpleasant emotions. But yeah we ALL should me mad. I am. I’m tired of all the hate in this world and industry. And we’re taking a stand. It represents the injustice in our industry and world,” wrote an unidentified rep for the brand.


They’ve since apologized to Stewart for her “non-understanding”…

and are now pompously directing people to their legal department and threatening to sue.


SMH….they can NOT be this clueless.

There’s really no way to defend something like this ESPECIALLY during Black History month.

What do YOU make of this nonsense????



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