Are You Feelin This Get Up??: Taraji Henson at a School Fashion Battle

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Taraji Henson attended a “School Fashion Battle” for teens in DC dressed in a victorian style get-up. We have definitely seen worse ensembles, but for some reason this one doesn’t do it for us.

Looks like that ANTM chick Jasleen hit up a Popeyes while in DC. She’s looking healthier than usual.

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  • mr mr

    she looks cool….

  • Lauren

    1st…and no

  • mr mr

    FIRST, btw

  • Soul Cry

    Not feeling the puffy sleeves, but minus that, I do.

  • Lost Skeleton

    I really am in love with Taraji…I think its because she is a DC chick. She does it for me even if the outfit is a little weird…she works it.

  • Lauren

    Jaslene looks cute!

  • tintin

    i’m not feeling the boots with the outfit otherwise it’s on point.

  • Lauren

    @ Mr Mr…lol…u got it Mr. Hype!

  • Mr. Look Good in Anything

    Yeah, Taraji can get it…she could’ve gotten it as Shug in Hustle In Flow. “You gotta push that ish out!” (In DJ’s voice…)

  • Lauren

    *Its hard out here for a Pimp*

  • Lady

    Jasleen actually looks gorgeous…

  • Lady

    And I hope she threw that shirt in the fireplace when she got home… Hideous!

  • lnana

    that outfit is cute, i love the sleeves, it makes th fit look interesting in a good way to me.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Jasleen looks Beautiful. Taraji’s outfit isn’t horrible. She could have done a little better though.

  • Lauren


  • Lauren

    @ Lady….The shirt is definitely Hideous, must be a DC…j/k. Taraji is a gorgeous girl though. Loves her, hates the outfit.

  • Mr. Look Good in Anything

    My bad; I shoulda said somethin like “If the eyes are the window to the soul, you must be a beautiful person…” How’s that?

  • Lauren



    i think the outfit is cute.

  • Bird

    I love Taraji’s ensemble. I might try to bite it. As for Jaslene, she still looks like an anorexic crackhead in a third world country to me.


    I see her and all I hear is “Jodi who condoms are these”

    Baby Boy was on TV the other day-sorry!!!

  • Honeydipt

    I actually like that outfit..she dares to be different and I would rock that look at work ANYDAY! I like the layered look and the white “puffy” shirt underneath gives it flair to an otherwise common outfit…that makes it office chic (besides, we all know you need another layer when you work in the corporate world…certain folk like to freeze the heck out of us, they are NEVER COLD! lol) I’m sitting at my desk right now in a turtleneck, a thick sweater over it AND a hand crocheted poncho on top and at times there’s still a chilly breeze blowing from the vents that gives me shivers. SMH…these people kill me! Ohio’s been in a deep freeze and these folks STILL won’t turn up the heat and funny thing is, I work at a utility company at their regional headquarters! Cheap azzes…

  • Mr. Look Good in Anything

    “Jody, when I say I hate you, I really mean I love you…”

  • John

    its okay except for that white shirt or whatever. Its throwing it off. Other than that its fine!!!

  • Mr. Look Good in Anything


    I watched it too…lol

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