Seen on the Scene: Milian and Mommy

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Christina Milian and her mom were spotted leaving a restaurant in Hollyweird recently. Christina’s definitely a cutie, but we are almost positive that she’s calling these photographers up each and every time she goes out to eat. She has more pics leaving restaurants than anyone in Hollyweird, and she doesn’t even have a steady gig.

On a positive note, it’s great to see she has some maternal support with her out there, obviously she won’t get turned out like the rest of these girls.

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  • ayo

    the only ppl that dont support this chick are the ones at her record label. you need more people, crissy!!

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    Straight dime.

  • Southern Belle 225


  • BABY

    why does her mother look like “i dont know that chick”?

  • Keif K

    Damn she fine!

  • Stringer Bell

    Yes she looks good…I’d let her sit on my face

  • Lauren

    Yea I like her too….not as much as Stringer though

  • PaigeyWaigey ** BONES JORDAN #1 Ride or Die Chick**

    When is her 20 minutes gonna be over already?!?!

  • jen

    She is a cute girl she should have the potogs following her, at least more than some of the other celebs that don’t deserve it.

  • nique

    She’s cute and she tried so hard with the acting and singing and all, but I’m thinking that if it (it being something more than G-list celebritiy) hasn’t happened by now, it’s not going to. It’s only a matter of time before she’s on one of those retarded reality shows with other barely recognizable has been. She should start working Plan B.

  • YUP...I'm confused

    her mama and her don’t even look related.

    i guess she can’t sing “i get it from my mama”

  • willow

    beautiful girl

  • Aoki Lee

    Nique: You can add Mya, Ashanti, Nivea, Cherri Dennis ect, ect… to that list of future reality show allstars

  • Momo

    Black Beauty? I thought she was cuban or something. Mama’s wig makes it hard to tell her ethnicity.


    If she needs some work, I got a job for her in the (412).

  • The One

    her mom looks young

  • YUP...I'm blessed

    Christina is one of those chicks that will always remind you she is part hispanic. I hate when hispanics do that, they dress like us, talk like us, hang wit us, but will be quick to remind you in a minute they are not black.

  • Taj

    I like Christina, but I was thinking the same thing; she must have these photos numbers on speed dial. The next shot we’ll see of her will be of her leaving McDonald’s.

  • REAL TALK like a mutha

    she may speak spanish (i think)

    but yep, she’s BLACKER THAN A MUTHA – duh

    don’t you have eyes?

    I guess she should drop the “I’m Latin” thing and attempt to appeal to an audience that will accept her.Shoulda kept it real from the get-go.Look how long it took Black folks to forgive Mariah…

  • REAL TALK like a mutha

    Use YOUR (not Perez’s) brain, sugar…

    ARFO-CUBAN = almost like saying BLACK-AFRICAN

    I didn’t mean black TECHNICALLY, but LITERALLY…

    get it?

  • Cage

    My mom is Dominican, and I’m good and black so I never understood that “Im not black” mindstate….I could barely speak spanish so I would’ve looked like an idiot reppin the D.R… Hopefully one day we’ll all be just “people” but i’m sure it’s not happening in my lifetime… God help us.

  • oldschoolfan

    blacks in the AMERICAS.. that include north america and south america.. WE ARE ALL THE SAME.. and come from africa…. our ancestors are african and where slaves taken to north and south america…

    even though blk americans have diff culture then afro-cubans, brazillians, puerto ricans, or Dominicans.. we are the same…

    black= of african decent mixed with other known and unknown races….

    african= straight from african, know your tribe and language…

    im blk american.. both blk parents.. and same complexion as christina millian…. soooo what… my sister is lighter and looks mixed with asian… but she could care less and DO NOT like people even trying to suggest she is not full black.. she knows what she is…

    i consider biracial people black because they are of african decent just mixed with something else… and they happen to know what it is…


    shes a cutie

  • gap & gucci

    so irrelevant. she needs to try and get a modeling gig. can’t she do sean john with cassie & lauren london or somethin?

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    she sho is purdy

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