Exclusive: Russell Simmons Paid for Kimora Lee Simmons Nose Job

- By Bossip Staff

There have been rumors that Kimora had some work done on her nose for some time but the evidence appears to be overwhelming. Damn, by the look of things, Russell “made” Kimora look good with bling and plastic surgery. Now if only she can chop off some of that neck.

If you still have any doubt, peep the video for further confirmation. Her nose job actually looks good and like she went to Dr.90210 rather than Dr. 10027. I don’t see why Russell was chasing Kimora around and blinging her up, it seems like when they met she looked like a regular girl, he could of went on 125th and probably found something better than that to “upgrade”. Probably would of cost him less money.

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  • mamodukes

    Dang! Can you put a sentence together using correct verbage? "He could HAVE GONE…." You MUST do better than that, brother.

  • AB.Matthews

    It's a shame how we like to tear down people the nose job was something he felt he wanted to do or else he would have not payed forit but to compare the women to a place that you pick up hookers thats cold give the women her props! she's doing the dog-on thing and doing it well (DO I FELL A LITTLE HATERAID IN YOU ) HUMMMMMMMM11!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/juiciilips Lynette

    She actually looked a LOT better BEFORE the nose job…hmmm

  • JJ

    Lil Kim was ugly as hell bf her alleged skin lightening and she’s still ugly as hell

  • Babara Ann

    Hey peeps, The lady got it going on, I really like her style, I agree with Matthew, Serious Hateraid going on. Call her whatever, but have anyone noticed how proud she is to be a SISTA every interveiw I’ve seen her in never hesitate to remind us “she’s a proud Black Women, Hell if I had the money I’d sure get some work done on my face. Unfortunately most people don’t have it like that, She’s a Beautiful Black Women get with it or get over it… H.A.T.E.R.S LOL

  • jadia

    kimora looked like normal chick until she got with russell he save her!!!!!!!1

  • amy

    It obvious Kimora was poor & insecure before russell. Rich or middle class people don’t wear SOO much jewerly at once. People who are not comfortable with wealth OVER FLAUNT it ( ie leaving tags on.. wearing 10 gold rings at once)>BEING 1/2 ASIAN SAVED HER ASS from proverty -LOL that why she name her kids ALL ASIAN names!!

  • amy

    ps LIKE MOST PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD. Kimora nose job, face filler, lipo ,butt & breast job. … after you heal.

    …………….. hire a HIGH PROFILE training & report your new “diet” like lemon water & cayanee pepper drink to the GOSSIP Magazine :o)

  • MAFD

    I cant STAND this bIatch!

  • blanche rosenbloom

    Didn’t a Dr. Lorenc pump her butt with restylane on a secret jamaica trip?

    That butt costs $35000!

  • http://7wins.eu/cbprod/detail_988/skin+lightening+report.html Skin Lightening Report. | 7Wins.eu

    […] Barack Obama | Road SassyWatching Ugly Betty



  • Jones

    How did Kimora being Asian save her. Being part black saved her. There are no famous or successful Asian models, lets remember that’s how her career took off. If anything being black saved her from being poor.

  • Mo

    I’m not going to hate on her like a lot of you on here. I think she looks beautiful with the nose job. She was pretty without it, but I think she’s even prettier with the nose job. She’s a Diva” that is her business. It is kinda annoying, but hey, that’s her business! Who cares if she had a nose job? If it helped her career, her self esteem, SO WHAT??? what is it to you guys? It doesn’t mean she less black if she alters herself! White women alter themselves ALL the time! Also, explain to me how her being half Asian saved her from poverty? She’s STILL half black, in case you didn’t know!

  • http://Yougogirl!!!!! LisaLisa35

    Why hate on her she made it.Whatever whoever she have her beauty,career,money,her man,children try to top that.Talk is cheap.

  • Anastasia

    She’s gorgeous and smart. I agree with Mo and I admire her!!! She made it, not u jealous people :))) And she’s doing well with all responsibilities and status she achieved! She’s unique and her origin is part of that uniqueness! Her husband HELPED her like any other man who loves and respects his woman. Im sure dear ladies if ur guys had chance to do so much for u they would! But money is not all, she’s strong character. She found the field she knows inside-out and she’s working hard unlike many wealthy ladies. I advise to learn from her experience, not discuss her nose job LOL Thats NOTHING.

  • http://www.facebook.com Chris Brown

    i here kimora is a plastic wannabe!!!!!! and thats from chris brown

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