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Wiz Khalifa Will Show Photos Of Amber Rose’s Filthy Home To Gain Full Custody Of Bash

Wiz Khalifa is playing dirty pool in his battle against his ex-wife Amber Rose. The piff-puffin’ rapper wants to amend their previously agreed upon arrangement and significantly increase his custody of their son, Sebastian.

According to TMZ, Wiz’ lawyers will be using several photos of Amber’s disheveled Los Angeles home as evidence that she is not responsible enough to tend to her residence, much less a young child.

There are stomach-turning pics of dog feces strewn all over the place. Those same feces allegedly serve as “Scooby snacks” for said dog, who then goes and kisses Bash in the mouth.

Another pic shows a sharp knife left irresponsibly on the kitchen counter, although we’re not sure that Bash even reach up that high…

In any event Wizzer thinks these measures will convince a judge to see things his way when the two have their day in court.

Wiz is really goin’ hard to to discredit ol’ girl. She better know those freaky carnival twerk videos are gonna show up in court too.

Flip the page to see how Amber allegedly has Baby Bash living.

Images via TMZ/WENN

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