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12 Rappers Who Everyone Used To Hate But They’re Dope Now

Popular opinion is a funny thing. Once the general public starts to crap on someone, then everyone else starts to hop on the hate bandwagon. These rappers were victims of the hate but they eventually had people sway in their favor. These are a few of those rappers. They were hated but not so much anymore.

Lil Wayne – He was hated as a kid rapper with “simple” bars…then he became the best rapper alive in his mind.

Big Sean – He was called “Medium Sean” and everything. Now he’s one of the most liked guys out.

Riff Raff – He was on a reality show and the laughing stock of the Internet…now he has a following or something.

Nicki Minaj – She was the annoying rapper with the crazy voices. Now she’s one of the best rappers out, depending on who you ask. Crazy how that happens.

Rick Ross – He was wack and even had the world calling him fake…now it’s not so bad.

Diddy – He was dragged through the mud in the 90s but now he’s beloved and when he has a dope ghost writer he’s on point.

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Tyga – He was a joke. Then he got fans. Then he became a joke again.

Diggy Simmons – He was a laughing stock but then he dropped an album that wasn’t too bad.

Waka Flocka – People laughed at his simple flow before but he’s definitely great turn up music.

OG Maco – “You Guessed It” had people laughing at him, but he’s one of the best new rappers out.

Azealia Banks – She has been clowned for her tweets but her album was dope.

Wale – Remember when everyone hated him?


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