President Obama Writes Personal Letter to a Gay Soldier

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Obama just wrote a hand written letter to a gay soldier, Sandy Tsao, based out of St Louis, MO, who broke the “Don’t  tell, Don’t ask” law when she told her superiors she was gay:

In the letter, Obama wrote that he is “committed to changing our current policy” but that “it will take some time to complete (partly because it needs Congressional action).” Yesterday, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA), who has sponsored legislation repealing DADT, discussed the issue with Rachel Maddow, saying, “I’d like to see us move it by this summer, and I think we can.”


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  • Pimpin Willie Ice Pick ((I wear a mean dark pair of shades, And you can't see my eyes unless my head is bent, you dig)


  • Nyah Molineaux

    President Obama is an excellent man. I am so glad I voted for him and he will definitely get my vote in 2012. I love my President.

  • Ian P

    I hope we can all move on as a people but I dont think being gay is going to be acceptable in the military at all. They just started accepting blacks as things other that cooks and that was a long time coming. So the gay thing has its speed bumps.

  • brnhornet

    I love my president. But as a soldier I feel that this is the one issue where I feel he may be making a mistake. Personally I have nothing against gay males living their life and getting married and whatever as Jay Z said “what they eat don’t make me shit”. But I do not consider them to be a man in all sense of the word. My experience is that most gay males are not the most aggressive people in the world. When I’m on a mission I need to know that whomever is covering my right will kill everything on my right and I honestly would have to think twice if I knew that person was gay.

  • Fire

    People wake up! She know the rules going into the military, so why tell a PLOY and Obama will do anything to take this country AWAY from Christianity. People voted for him because”We Need Change” guess what people NOT ALL CHANGE IS FOR THE BETTER! Oh by the way I AM BLACK

  • Malibu B@rBie

    at the end of the day it doesnt really matter what your sexual preferece is .. it is not too many ppl willing to but there life on the line for this country so when anyone does choose to they should be praised… what you do in your bedroom is your personal business and is not for anyone else to judge.. until you get out there and are dodging bullets and doing it urself plesase assit the country and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    Man seriously if he does that then I know Jesus is on his way, its bad enough with some of this wives out here acting like a fool, and not saying ALL gay ppl will add fuel to the fire but its not going to help the situation. If he does that the military wont have that “structure” & “discipline” they pride themselves on. Wow…its alot of gay ppl already in the military…but to break the dont ask dont tell is going to be off the chain and possibly…ppl going after the ppl they know are gay, attacking them, probably even go as far as death. The military will be off the chain if that go down…Obama Obama what the heck r u doing??? Am I making any sense???


  • Proud ArmyWifee

    I agree with Ian P, brnhornet, and fire totally!

  • DICooper

    A great Marine General Chesty Puller once said, “Old breed, new breed -the only thing that matters is Marine breed.” And I would suggest that a Commander In Chief would take that into consideration before changing the laws.

    Military culture exists solely to protect The Warrior Class. It is a subculture of the United States (and in other countries too) that is often ignored and under-appreciated, but The Warrior Class provides the lifeline that has bailed us out during conflicts.

    I’m for homosexual rights and think that they should be inextricably linked to human rights. I just don’t believe that human rights extend to the military as outlined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

    It’s a tough break, but that is the way it goes. When I was an enlisted man, I had a tough time understanding those facts, but when I became an officer I realized why they had to be in place.

    I’m out now, but the bottom line is that The Warrior Class is a national treasure worth husbanding and protecting.

  • Dee

    BTW those of you that do support DADT…have you ever thought about looking into the Republican party becuase your thought processes are more along the lines of them. Look it up, you would be surprised how much ya’ll have in common. Sans the angry white guy thing….

  • Dee

    What about when we “threw” it in white peoples faces, we are black and deserved to be treated better….think about your words…

    All they want is equality, weren’t we asking for the same thing.

  • brnhornet

    No disrepect towards you or gay people. I’m actually one of those people that beleive that there are SOME people that are born gay. Although I suspect that number is smaller than those who are just sexually greedy.:) This is about being in the military and me knowing that the male covering me is gay. Has nothing to do with who he sleeps with. It’s a man thing. I’m pretty sure there are some gay men out there that can whoop my ass, although I have yet to meet any of them. For me there is a difference between a gay male and a FLAMING gay male. You’re job in the military ,when you get right down to it, is to kill. This requires agressivness, and hate. Not necessarily the best emotions in the world but it serves a purpose in the military when you’re in the warzone.

  • DICooper

    And I mean to say that in the choice between the religious zealot and the homosexual, because they are mutually exclusive, I would choose the religious zealot for service…


    I agree that what you do in your bedroom is your business but once you bring that out into the world it becaomes everybody else’s business. If you have any money in your pocket take it out and look at it…it clearly says “IN GOD WE TRUST” now please explain to me how we can have trust in GOD but give these GAY folks special rights? That doesn’t even go together. If anyone that agrees with Obama on this and read the BIBLE they will know that @ cities where destroyed for that GAYNESS!! I voted for Obama but he is making a HUGE mistake by changing the military’s policy. We will be the WEAKEST MILITARY ever with known GAYS in the military!! AMERICA NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER

  • chaka1

    Some of you don’t know many gay people so it’s understandable. My boss is gay and I have gay relatives. You wouldn’t know any of them were gay unless you asked them. Times have changed. Gays aren’t sissies anymore.

  • z


    Some people are gay. deal with it.

  • Doc

    @Proud ArmyWifee (***SUPPORT OUR TROOPS***) You dont make any sense. For some people DADT means you stay quiet means, you are hiding who you really and for GLBT is a sense of pride to serve their country just like youre proud of being an army wife.

  • Dee

    Ensign…lucky you..I am talking on the enlisted level and it was a joke…laugh man!

    If you don’t want to join because of homosexuals you shouldn’t and we don’t want you. To be in a force like the military don’t we have to be inclusive…United we stand divided we fail!

    Remember black folks were in the same place as gays at one point in time. Not accepted and treated less then, why would we want to inflict that on others!?!!

  • ...

    @ z

    I know some people are gay. LIKE I SAID: I agree with the don’t ask don’t tell policy.

  • z

    @brn hornett,

    If i were gay the stuff you’re saying will be bound to make me into an aggressive psychopath. Given how many people talk like you do I’m sure there will be enough aggressive gay males around who are perfect for army duty.

    Anyway your line of argument would mean that gay females would be more aggressive than straight females. so shouldn’t at least gay women be allowed to serve? hmmm..

    or do you think all females should be soft and quiet so that after your killing rant in combant you have someone to boss around and screw at will?


    This is just Obama attempting to gain favor with a constituency that he threw under the bus during the election.The letter is symbolic…but that’s about it.Sweeping policy changes won’t happen with this president.In fact-this will be a “small increments” struggle that takes up another 20-30 years.The kids who join the military today have more tolerance and a different take on this than previous generations.


    @ Pheastra
    You are an idiot. Since when do you not have a choice in being gay. Thats the dumbest thing I’ve read/heard all morning. Stop making excuses for being gay and get your life together!!

  • ...

    @ missunderstood

    I think that if it Obama changes the law people in the military will start to be more open about their sexuality making it very uncomfortable to be in close quarter with them if you are not gay.

  • Dee

    I totally feel you and your opinion. I know there are those that are “flaming queens” and i agree they do need to tone it down. But don’t we all have those obnixious people in our ranks. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to shoot looks at a fellow sailors to tone it down… you know being all loud and obnixious….there is a time and place. But that is the nature of people. All races/people have that…its natural.

    I know people in gay realationships that do not scream it at the top of their lungs. They are humble and only talk about it when you are interested. These are the people I am talking about. It’s like when we talk about our straight relationships….do we need to scream it from the rooftops…nope, but i know those that do.

    in the end, i just think we need to be equal yet realistic in our ways. Times are chaning and we need to change with it. If you don’t believe in it thats fine…but give them the chance to be may be surprised.




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