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14 Ideas Beyonce Allegedly Stole

Beyonce is a genius. We all know this. But even geniuses borrow ideas. Beyonce has borrowed her fair share of ideas to the point that she’s even been accused of jacking concepts from people and not giving proper credit. Here are a few times she was accused of stealing someone’s idea. Do they all have merit? Or are people just hating. You tell us.

The 7/11 Video – She was accused of stealing this idea from OG Maco who had a similar video for his hit single.

Ledisi’s Spot – She was accused of taking Ledisi’s spot at the Grammys even though nobody asked Ledisi to sing the song.

XO – Ahmad Javon Lane claimed he shared the song with one of Beyonce’s background singers who gave the song to her.

Richard Dupree – He claimed that Beyonce and a bunch of other musicians were spying on him in jail and singing his songs. Seriously.

Countdown Video – Choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker said Beyonce jacked her moves in 2011. Bey’s co-director even backed up the claims that Bey saw the original routines too.

If I Were A Boy – Singer BC Jean claims that Beyonce’s dad strong-armed her from the song that she originally wrote.

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B’Day – She had to pull her B’Day deluxe version from the shelves for using a cover song “I’m Kissing You” that was never cleared.

Run The World Performance – She was accused of stealing these visuals from her performance from Italian pop star Lorella Cuccarini. Hmmmm…

Mrs. Carter Show World Tour – Kerli, a singer from Estonia, claimed that Bey jacked her style for her tour.

Beyonce – It was believed that Kanye originally wanted to release an album without any promotion ahead of time…but it ended up being Beyonce who did it. Interesting.

Superpower – Canadian singer Anjulie said Beyonce’s Superpower video jacked her Stand Behind The Music video.

H-Tine Mix – Kelly Rowland said it was originally her idea to grab all the Houston rappers to hop on one song.


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